OT: My new project - Docu on Roger Troutman

p@mast3rs wrote on 7/16/2005, 7:07 AM
I guess the deal is as close to being done as it can be that I can announce my new project. The only left to do is negoiate terms with the family and rights holder. That said, I am about to start my pre-plan on my first documentary that will reflect on one of the most innovative musicians of all time who sadly, was taken early from us in 1999. The awesome thing is this guy hails from where I am (Greater Cincinnati/Southwest Ohio.)

The artist I am doing a doc on is no other than Roger Troutman. For those who arent musicians, Roger Troutman was a genius who perfected the use of the talk box and a keyboard synth. Once a part of the group Zapp, Roger penned great songs such as "I Want To Be Your Man," "Computer Love", "Doo Wa Ditty", "More Bounce To The Ounce," among many others. Tragically, Roger was shot in a murder-suicide by his own brother Larry Troutman. "Little Roger," was a great man who always found a way to give to his community. Roger used his success and popularity to take his own money and train those that were disadvantaged in his community so they could get jobs working in construction.

Guys like Spot and other audio buffs/musicians will know the impact this man had on music. For the younger crowd, 2Pac's "California Love" was completely sampled from Troutman. Troutman stands only behind James Brown and George Clinton as the most sampled artists in modern day hip hop and rap.

This truly will be an honor as I get celebrate the life of an artist I grew up idolizing. I just hope my passion for his music and his humanity does him justice. Ill try to keep everyone posted and maybe offer some clips from time to time.


dat5150 wrote on 7/16/2005, 10:33 AM
good luck, I look forward to seeing your doc. I'd enjoy reading any tips on how you make it.
apit34356 wrote on 7/17/2005, 1:56 AM
BrianStanding wrote on 7/18/2005, 6:02 AM
Sounds like a terrific project. Good luck with it, and let us know when you have something to show.

One of my favorite documentaries of all time is "Theramin," about the creator of the first electronic instrument, (the spooky-sounding howl you hear in many 1950's monster movies and in the background of the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations.")

I'm sure there's lots of good material on Troutman out there.
Jimmy_W wrote on 7/18/2005, 7:13 AM
Congrats Patrick for getting such a rewarding project. Hope to see some clips from this soon.
busterkeaton wrote on 7/18/2005, 9:14 AM
I was flipping the channels once and was very surprised to see a gospel artist using the talkbox. I googled him and found out it was Rufus Troutman, Roger's nephew. There at least one other gospel artist using the talkbox, because he turned up in my search results.

Is there any difference between a vocoder and a talkbox?

Good luck.