planders wrote on 1/15/2004, 7:45 PM
Have you checked the help for the media players? Usually, if a disc you play isn't found in the online database, there's a menu command that will allow you to enter the titles yourself, with the option of posting to the online database.
vernman wrote on 1/17/2004, 6:31 AM
Let me rephrase the question.
I'm looking for information on how to submit my own CD titles and tracks
to the global db. Then when you put my cd in your player, the title and
track list comes up on the screen.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 1/18/2004, 4:52 PM
Check out Windows Media Player "Help". Check the index under 'database', then click "To update information about an album".

Alien_1 wrote on 1/25/2004, 11:12 AM
<<<<<<<<<SOLUTION FOR CD TEXT:>>>>>>>>>>
Try ^^^^FEURIO^^^^^^,simply FEURIO. $29.00 US
I am the same opinion, I was had with this software. It is effective for what it has to do and it is very well so(is powerful). But why to have included a zone text which at any practical end is of use to nothing.
I do not dare to say to you the quantity of CD which I wasted to try to gull of the CD text. That make me a beautiful package of frisbi for the next summer.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 1/27/2004, 12:50 AM
Dear Alien, He's not talking about CD-TEXT.

jardeano wrote on 1/27/2004, 6:37 PM
"Then when you put my cd in your player, the title and
track list comes up on the screen'
forgive me, If I'm not following ya here,,,,you can do it through windows media player,,,what I do to acomplish what you would like to do is ,,,after I burn my cd in cd5 I open it up in media player and copy it then write in the boxes, artist,,title genre,etc (right click under the titles,-,edit )what I would like then I burn the cd then when I insert the cd in another computer it opens in windows media player with all the info I edited,,,my name etc. I don't mind the work around,,,
Alien_1 wrote on 2/29/2004, 5:54 PM
I follow well consietn. But the fact is that with Furio it will have access to CDBD, and in more he can editer of the CD text and bruler his cd in Red book.