OT: Projecting the image

alfredsvideo wrote on 7/24/2008, 3:36 PM
Projecting the image of our video club, that is. Our club has got to the stage now, where the numbers are so small, it's now possible to hold our meetings in one of our members lounge rooms. We used to be 50 members strong. We had some very good Speakers and Lecturers over the years. Some went on to become Professionals, but the main loss has come about through lack of ideas, I guess. In other words, we have somehow lost our way. The suggestion has been, that we produce a short video extolling the virtues of the hobby in order to attract new members. We would then ask our local camera store to place one of our discs into the bag of goodies they have just purchased. We had a meeting of our remaining members last night to discuss the content of the video. Although what we believe were some good ideas, we have also decided to seek direction from the best Forum we know of for the purpose. Is this the right way to attract members? How long for the proposed video? Content? Chapters? etc. etc. Thanks for any suggestions. Alf.


Jim H wrote on 7/24/2008, 9:39 PM
I might push the beginners help angle. I remember the one and only club I ever belonged to was the Commodore 64/Amiga club which I joined for the purpose of learning more about the computer and available software. It's tough to compete with the internet for self help, but I still think there's room for a more personal approach to learning from others. Also, there's the forum for screening works in process or finished projects... a captive audience! Does you club have a nice projector? Hold a club meeting/screening of films and recruit new members that way.
alfredsvideo wrote on 7/25/2008, 3:14 PM
Thanks Jim, and yes, we have a projector, purchased very recently actually. However, for many years, we had previously used projectors belonging to club members who were quite happy to bring them along to meetings. We showed projects from members, and then disected them etc., as to how it could have been done better. I'm pretty sure the club was run along fairly good guidelines, but it seems that those who once made the club so popular and informative have gradually left us to take up other pursuits. We just need some new guidance. Alf
farss wrote on 7/25/2008, 5:23 PM
You might need to think about providing the things that the web cannot. To attract time starved people you have to make it worth their while. I'd look into group buys of things like tape stock. Also trips to places to shoot video that are normally off limits if that's possible.
Another thought. Organise a group studio shoot. By spreading the costs of a decent sized studio with real talent, lighting etc the newcomers get to see how good their video can look regardless of their camera and get inspired. Put that on your promo disk.

alfredsvideo wrote on 7/26/2008, 2:43 PM
Thanks Bob. We will take all suggestions on board. Looking back, I think we may have become victims of our own success and perhaps start appealing to video newcomers. Most of our older members became very talented in their own right. Consequently, they climbed the ladder and left just a few of us dangling on the bottom rungs. Alf.