OT: PS3 question

zstevek wrote on 5/24/2009, 10:36 PM
I have to get this off my chest...

I have a PS3 that was working perfectly....until I performed the latest firmware update (I had no choice but to do this). I then started noticing frequent lockups. Logic would dictate that the firmware update corrupted a file in some way, correct?

Well I contacted customer service and they are basically telling me that I have to get the unit serviced (at my cost) because there are no issues reported on this firmware update. I guess If the update did something weird to my system it doesn't count.

Is it just me or does this sound weird to anyone else? I wish I could do an uninstall, but this doesn't exist on a PS3.

I feel like this update caused issues with my system and the PS3 support rep. is telling me too bad, we don't believe you.

Does anyone know how to restore a PS3 system to before a firmware update?

Sorry to rant about this, but right now I am very upset.


eVoke wrote on 5/25/2009, 3:43 AM
This isn't an uncommon phenomenon when it comes to firmware updates with the PS3.
I'm guess that I'm one of the lucky ones with my 20GB model as I've never had a problem with any of the firmware updates.....so far.

Follow this link over the Playstation Underground Forum -

Here is where you'll find more current information and news about the updates. It looks like you're not alone in experiencing problems with the update.
Make sure you check out the:
"The Unofficial Guide to Updating Your PS3 v2.76 [live w/dl link]" stickied at the top. In the one section you'll find info on the "Recovery Menu"

Good Luck