OT: Recruits .veg

alfredsvideo wrote on 2/28/2007, 1:26 PM
Went to the VAAST site to download the "Recruits" veg, posted by johnmeyer. For some unknown reason I can't get to their download page. Haven't been there for a while. When I try to sign in it tells me my account is not currently enabled. When I enter my email address it tells me my e-mail address is already in use. I keep going round in circles for this one it seems. Can anyone help?


johnmeyer wrote on 2/28/2007, 2:25 PM
I just linked to it; I didn't write it (wish I had -- it is very clever).

As for logging onto VASST, I am not affiliated in any way with them (although I'd be happy to work with them -- they're good folk), but I think that at any site, if you're having problems logging on, the first thing I would do is to close all browsers and then delete all files from your temporary Internet cache (for IE, Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Delete Files. Check to delete offline content as well. Also, you may have to clear the cookies for that site (which you can do in the same Internet Options dialog). Of course this will kill all the cookies and will then force you to re-enter passwords when you log in at EVERY site. However, this should get you out of the loop you're in.