OT Running a computer w/out hard drive activity

bw wrote on 2/22/2005, 4:35 AM
Hope this is not too far off topic but I want to run a looped video (say 10 mins mpeg) for a shop display and think that it should be possible to use memory (.5 or 1 gig) after startup so that drive can shut down. I have looked at making virtual drives but it seems like a lost art. T in A, Brian.


logiquem wrote on 2/22/2005, 5:45 AM
1. I would say that using a more efficient codec will save you a lot in term of file size and memory usage...

2. Macromedia Director apps can manage complete assets preloading in memory but i'not sure about such long digital video file .

3. If noise is the reason why you want to load it entirely in memory, why not use a very silent last generation HD and put it in something like this:

http://www.quietpc.ca/silentdrive.html Should be more than enough. Very efficient for me...
Chienworks wrote on 2/22/2005, 6:07 AM
I haven't tried this with larger files, but if i play back smaller files in Windows Media Player disk activity stops partway through the first playback and additional plays occur without any significant disk activity. Is Media Player caching the file in RAM automatically? If so, is there a limit to how much it will cache? I've only got 512MB so i can't experiment with anything very large anyway.

There may be useful information here: http://forum.theispguide.com/isp-ftopic1030.html
It's an article about creating RAM drives in Windows XP. It looks like no additional software or drivers are necessary.

If all else fails, how about solid state drives? You can get 1GB memory cartridges that plug into a USB 2 port. These should be quite reliable and plenty fast enough for playing even DV files. 10 minutes could be encoded at 12Mbps or better and still fit in 1GB. Store the file on the cartridge and have Media Player access it by drive letter. Another advantage is instant availability after a reboot; no waiting for the file to be transferred from hard drive to RAM first.
filmy wrote on 2/22/2005, 7:05 AM
Is there a reason why you even need to use the hard drive? I mean if the file is on your CD you do not really need to access the hard drive correct?

1> For Xp or Windows Server 2000 original disks get the free BartPE and build your CD.
2> I use MPLayer and it works fine. (You can get a windows version here: MPlayer + Frontend) You will need to configure it a bit and download a "plug-in" for the BartPE cd, but once you have it working it works great.

A few tips - make use of the forums. Like here it is a helpful lot. Sometimes a bit too techie, but really if you are using BartPE you *need* to be a bit more of a geek than if you just use Vegas. ;)

You will probably have to use Sherpya's GUI to get full use for what you want. Don't let it all overwhelm you...again, use the forums for help.

There is someone working on an easy version of all of this - you can check it out here: Reatogo

And a few important things to keep in mind - BartPE is really supposed ot be an Admin tool. It wasn't really designed to be a full OS however people try to get every little thing working as they would a full blown OS. However if all you would be doing is running one mpg file - this is very doable. You will need to add video and audio drivers and you *may* need to add an mpeg codec - again read the forums.