Tinle wrote on 10/15/2005, 7:00 AM

Use: file, options, check yes for the timelapse-capturing box, click on the timelapse factor (proably set at 60 as default). It will be greyed out until you click on it, but will allow you to adjust your time factor when you click it.

They have a recently released update to the program.


bw wrote on 10/15/2005, 3:27 PM
Oh boy how dumb can one get. I think we have become so used to bloated programs that a well written one where things just work confuses us. Of course, just set and use, I was looking for extra knobs and whistles, silly me. Its brilliant, every Vegas user should have SClive.
Thanks Tinle.
johnmeyer wrote on 10/15/2005, 4:59 PM
Its brilliant, every Vegas user should have SClive.

I couldn't agree more. And it just keeps getting better. Andi (the author) really understands what real people need (and want) to do.
lgh529 wrote on 10/15/2005, 7:50 PM
Don't forget to turn it off when your done.

I always forget, and my next capture is always two hour job that I let run for two hours, and it ends up being 20 minutes of time lapse. I then curse and redo it.