OT: Sony XLR kit for AX100

OldSmoke wrote on 1/26/2015, 11:12 AM
Just in case you missed it:

Sony's XLR-K2M kit for the AX100. Has anyone tried it yet?

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Motherboard: ASUS X299 Prime-A

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CPU: i7-9800x @ 4.6GHz (custom water cooling system)
GPU: 1x AMD Vega Pro Frontier Edition (water cooled)
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PSU: Corsair 1200W
Monitor: 2x Dell Ultrasharp U2713HM (2560x1440)


VidMus wrote on 1/26/2015, 2:23 PM
I would spend $400 on a Zoom H6 instead.
John_Cline wrote on 1/26/2015, 2:32 PM
$600 does seems really expensive for what it is.
Pete Siamidis wrote on 1/26/2015, 2:38 PM
I've owned both the original XLR-K1M which I eventually sold to buy this revised model XLR-K2M. I use them with my AX100 and A7S. They both work great, they are pricey but they are worth it to me for their simplicity as they don't need their own battery and they integrate with the camera nicely. They are a no brainer to me, but as always everyones needs vary.