relaxvideo wrote on 4/1/2016, 12:14 AM
one motor = one axis?
Byron K wrote on 4/1/2016, 3:51 AM
Pretty neat!

Reply by: relaxvideo Date: 3/31/2016 8:14:26 PM
one motor = one axis?
At 0:25 the CEO says it has electronic image stabilization that compensates for bumps and jitters. I guess that means horizontal and vertical axis movements.
relaxvideo wrote on 4/1/2016, 4:36 AM
Just as i thinked.
So roll is stabilized with the motor, the other 2 axis is electronically.
riredale wrote on 4/1/2016, 12:16 PM
Gotta say that as a person who never gotten beyond skiing intermediate runs on the slopes at Mammoth I am amazed by the technical virtuosity of some of these athletes.

I also get more than a whiff of narcissism every time I see the use of a selfie stick.
Byron K wrote on 4/2/2016, 5:02 AM
Sorry corrected the link above...
Spot|DSE wrote on 4/6/2016, 11:34 PM
The EIS dramatically softens the image, FWIW.
Gary James wrote on 4/15/2016, 8:05 AM
Top 5 Drone Saves.