OT: Still waiting for free Windows 10 upgrade

PeterDuke wrote on 10/3/2015, 12:15 AM
Some weeks ago, Microsoft installed an upgrade notification app on my Windows 7 machine, which includes a white window icon in the system notification tray. If I click on it, it says:

"We're validating Windows 10 for your PC

Thank you for reserving your free upgrade. We recommend that you upgrade after you get your notification that Windows 10 is ready for your specific PC.

While upgrades have started for most PCs, we're continuously working with our partners to ensure that even more PCs work well with Windows 10.

Your notification to upgrade could come in as soon as a few days or weeks."

I have auto updates turned off but do manual updates when I so decide. I just updated a short while ago, but still no Win 10 advice.

I presume the problem must be my motherboard, or perhaps more specifically, lack of Win 10 drivers for the peripheral chips or graphics card. The motherboard is a Megabyte GA-X58A-UD3R and the graphics card is a Megabyte GV-N96TZL-512I (nVidia 9600 GT) .

Am I being discriminated against or are others also waiting for their free upgrade?


vtxrocketeer wrote on 10/3/2015, 12:25 AM
Your mobo is waaaaay outdated, hombre. We're up to Gigabyte now. ;)
PeterDuke wrote on 10/3/2015, 12:45 AM

Glad you know what I mean. (blush)
VidMus wrote on 10/3/2015, 2:07 AM

Use the above link to download Windows 10. I was waiting on Microsoft for my editing system, did a Google search, downloaded and upgraded. This way is much better than the other way.
PeterDuke wrote on 10/3/2015, 2:26 AM
Thanks. I have started my 3.8 GB download. I hope I have selected the right version. (crosses fingers)
ushere wrote on 10/3/2015, 3:59 AM
i had NO problems upgrading all my 'home' 7 pc's / laptops, but both my 'pro' 7 pc's had little glitches - on one i can live with a couple of programs asking for permission, but my editing system was another mess entirely.

i am just about to upgrade it though, but with a clean install. as if i have any enthusiasm for another wasted day or two...
MikeyDH wrote on 10/3/2015, 12:34 PM
Are there any complications after downloading.? Do you need to reinstall everything or update?
VidMus wrote on 10/3/2015, 2:49 PM
@ PeterDuke,

You should download the 64bit version.
VidMus wrote on 10/3/2015, 2:53 PM
@ MikeyDH,

You can upgrade or do a clean install. Either way, be sure to do a complete backup first, in case things go wrong.

I use Casper to make cloned to backups. There are other solutions but no backup is no solution and is only asking for headaches and problems.

GeeBax wrote on 10/3/2015, 4:28 PM
I also use Casper, so I downloaded the Win 10 update, but have not yet installed it. I plan to buy another SSD and install it on that, keeping my original Win 7 SSD and its copy. Once I know if Win 10 will work without issues, I will then start using it.
Former user wrote on 10/3/2015, 7:58 PM
GeeBax, you do know that it will only install FREE on an existing windows install. So your new SSD would have to have Windows 7 installed on it.

Once you update, then you can go back and do a clean install according to Microsoft.
PeterDuke wrote on 10/3/2015, 9:43 PM

I downloaded the 64 bit single language International English version because I live in Australia. (There were other versions (K and KN?) that I did not know what they were.)

I burnt it to a blank DVD and tried to boot from it. My key press was not recognized so Win 7 booted up instead. I tried running setup on the disc directly, but that failed (I had to enter the Win 10 keycode, and it would not accept the Win 7 keycode.)

I then removed my KVM and used a keyboard with a round PS2 connector directly connected to the computer. The boot then started.

There was a blue windows icon on the screen for 9 minutes. I thought the computer had hung but the DVD read light was on with an occasional flicker.

I then chose Language: English UK (only option), Time and currency format: English (Australia), and Keyboard: US.

I clicked on "Install Now". ("Setup is starting" message).

It then asked me for the Win 10 keycode, and once again it would not accept the Win 7 keycode, but this time there was also a "Skip" button, which I pressed.

I accepted the licence and pressed "Upgrade" (rather than new install).

I then got the message: "The computer started using the Windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that Windows starts normally. Then insert the installation media and restart the upgrade. (Do not Select advanced ...)"

I pressed "Close" and was presented with an "Install Now" button. Pressing it got me nowhere because of the lack of a Win 10 keycode, so I started again and this time I ignored it, removed the installation disc and pressed the reset button to restart the computer.

Win 7 started normally, but how do I restart the upgrade?

I double clicked on the setup file in the installation disc and ended up once again needing a Win 10 keycode.

Where did I go wrong? Should I have restarted the computer some other way?

(I have Win 7 pro 64 bit OEM version, with SP1 and all other updates installed.)


I now remember that during my adventures at some point following the skip, rather than looking for driver updates, it asked me to insert the driver CD. I inserted the CD that came with the motherboard, but no drivers were found.
OldSmoke wrote on 10/3/2015, 11:19 PM
You have to do an upgrade before you can to a fresh install. You can't use the Win7 keybto do a fresh install. Once you have done the upgrade, MS will assign a new key to your Win10. Only with that new key can you do a clean install. In order to read the actual key from your Win10 you will have to download a small software like Keyfinder to retrieve the key.

You could try and use the DVD from your current Win7 and do an upgrade from there. Boot Win7, put the DVD in the drive and start the upgrade from the DVD... that should work.

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PeterDuke wrote on 10/4/2015, 1:06 AM
I am not trying to do a fresh install. I am trying to upgrade an existing installation of 7 SP1 to 10.

I know that once I have done that and got the Win 10 keycode for my hardware, I can do a clean install on that hardware.

The main questions in my rather long previous post are

(1) How should I restart Windows when asked to do so? (No "restart now" button)
(2) How should I restart the Windows upgrade process once Windows is restarted?
ushere wrote on 10/4/2015, 5:23 AM
i used the install on a usb for all my upgrades - there's a media creation tool on m$ website. this method worked seamlessly on ALL of my pc's / laptops. wouldn't ever bother with the cd rootagain.

btw. best to do upgrade connected to net so it auto downloads latest patches, drivers etc.,.
PeterDuke wrote on 10/4/2015, 7:49 AM
"there's a media creation tool on m$ website"

Yes, I found links to it on this site:

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit is being installed with no fuss yet about keycodes. (fingers crossed)
PeterDuke wrote on 10/4/2015, 6:51 PM
Well, that was very painless. Everything seems much the same as I had it. I will now try to get my head around the differences and see if anything is broken.

Belarc Advisor tells me the key, which is different from my Win 7 key, but it tells me that it is Win 8.1, not 10. Perhaps an update of Advisor will fix that.


I updated Advisor and it now says that I have Win 10.

I see that I can no longer set the date format the way I used to. Today's date in short format for me has to be 05-Oct-15. The way Australia, NZ, Britain, Europe, etc. format it (5/10/15) is no longer an option. However, 10/5/15 and other variations on the theme are available.


Click on "Additional settings" to fix the date format.
Spectralis wrote on 10/5/2015, 5:16 AM
Once you upgrade you can do a refresh if you like which will take you back to virtually a new install of Win 10. If you want to keep all your current apps then don't do that. You can also create media to do a clean install of Win 10 after upgrading but that's pretty much the same result as a refresh.

A Win 10 upgrade may require the reinstall of certain drivers for scanners etc. Also the language and date formate may have been altered but this shouldn't be an issue to put right. I've upgraded a tablet, 2 PC's and a laptop (one of them from Win 7.1, the rest Win 8.1) and all of them have been pretty straight forward. The Win10 upgrade process seems to be one of MS successes which must make a change for them considering recent problems with their phone/apps profile and the reception of Win 8.