daryl wrote on 4/14/2008, 7:47 AM
it would give it a 9.5, only because i RARELY would rate anything a total 10. I have had NO problems with Radiance, very easy to manipulate, renders are just a bit slow, but that would be expected with a video fx. Tech support is great, i had an installation question and was able to get an answer in just a few minutes.
I don't use it often, but when I do, it does the job.
Cooldraft wrote on 4/14/2008, 9:03 AM
I would happily give this plugin 10 but daryl makes a good point about ratings. I have used this plug in several times to give the professional knockout. (or maybe just a kick to the competitors' head) Sometimes we miss, but that is NOT Velvetmetter's fault.
David Settlemoir wrote on 4/14/2008, 9:19 AM

I just shot a music video where the XDCAM 355L had some back focus problems on the wide shots with an old Nikon 2/3" Broadcast lens. I just used the vignette/soft contrast setting (tweaked a bit) in VM to soften up the other shots and the client really liked it.

johnmeyer wrote on 4/14/2008, 9:42 AM

Very nice work.
kentwolf wrote on 4/14/2008, 12:57 PM

I use it frequently.

Definite 10.
DJPadre wrote on 4/14/2008, 3:43 PM
i like it, i just dont think its worth 150bux
Marco. wrote on 4/14/2008, 4:07 PM

mjroddy wrote on 4/15/2008, 1:44 PM
VM Filters = a solid 9+ rating. Great set.
backlit wrote on 4/16/2008, 9:13 AM
I use the soft focus and glint a lot. The user experience and the way it integrates with Vegas is the way I would like to see all plug-ins (hear that Boris and proDAD). This confuses me when I hear that the plug-in interface to Vegas is unworkable. NewBlue and Velvetmatter both seem to get it done.

I give it a 9.5.

rsp wrote on 4/16/2008, 9:39 AM