OT: Video Teleconferencing

markrad wrote on 9/9/2003, 10:12 PM
I've been pressed into service to help develop some instructional classes utilizing video teleconferencing. Only trouble is I now need a crash course in....Video Teleconferencing!
Could those of you more experienced point me in the right direction so I can become more informed on the equipment needed and computer requirements to develop the system? Thanks in advance.


mcgeedo wrote on 9/10/2003, 8:38 AM
Huge topic!! Whenever something like that has happened to me here at work, I call up a vendor. They are extremely happy to help you understand the topic (obviously, from the point of view of their product, though). While this takes away a few of your choices, it does help get you up to speed quickly. Try Google for a list of vendors, and Good Luck,
johnmeyer wrote on 9/10/2003, 10:49 AM
Video conferencing is an amazingly fluid, dynamic field, with products that never quite live up to the promise. You saw the current state of the art during the Iraq war.

Polycom (founded by ex-Picturetel people) bought Picturetel and is now the leader in business videoconferencing. Go to their site for an idea of what is available. They have quite a range of products.

For some really innovative group videoconferencing products, go to the Santa Cruze Networks site. They have some really innovative approaches that combine products and services.
markrad wrote on 9/10/2003, 10:36 PM
Thanks for the replies. I knew when I posted that this is a large topic to get a grip on. I will follow up the leads you've given so far.