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mcvap wrote on 11/28/2009, 4:33 AM
For SONY VEGAS (share the title with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium )
It's the Final Countdown

The ultimate alternative solution to FCP and CS3 is Sony Vegas. It is a little less costly, and a little more user friendly. From RED ONE support, to pro style filters, to the perfect audio customization Sony Vegas 9 Pro will make a lasting impression in the current line up of editing software.


* Really fun transitions and effects.
* Transfer any file and it doesn't induce a headache.
* Great Multi Cam editor.
* Handles AVCHD like a champ
* Exporting SO easy.


* Source monitor a little weak


If CS4 intimidates you,try Vegas! It's the easy alternative to FCP and Premiere. It makes editing feel simple, yet look professional."



FilmingPhotoGuy wrote on 12/17/2009, 11:29 PM
So it's official then:


It's sure good to be on the winning team.

- Craig
PerroneFord wrote on 12/19/2009, 5:45 PM
Well as much as I like Vegas, there are quite a few things that CS4 and FCP bring to the table that Vegas doesn't. So you have to choose what works best for you. If you are cutting alone, not collaborating with non-Vegas users, and you have plenty of time, then Vegas may well work out.

To me, the biggest achilles heel of Vegas at the moment (besides some instability) is really that it doesn't play well with others. And just behind that is the lack of speed. I know that the hallmark was always that it would run on any old machine, but it's seriously time to start leveraging some hardware if Vegas wants to keep up with the big boys.

Also, that list is bogus. Handles multi-cam well? Are they kidding? Handles AVCHD like a champ? Read these forums. It's FULL of people having terrible issues with AVCHD. Not that it's much better on most other NLEs, but still.

Vegas needs to either rebuild internal QT support, or buck up and bundle Cineform again and use it like Apple uses ProRes.

Just my opinion, but there it is...
Sebaz wrote on 12/20/2009, 8:34 AM
Handles AVCHD like a champ

Yeah, right!! Vegas 9 is pathetic at handling AVCHD!! Press play in the timeline and it stutters slowly for five seconds until it goes up to speed. The same thing happens most times the playback cursor goes over a cut. Handles AVCHD like a champ?? Pleeeezzzz...