OT-Virus Protection question

drbam wrote on 5/26/2005, 8:36 PM
My studio system is not online and I use a secondary pc for downloading apps, updates, etc. I just rebuilt this pc with new HD, mobo, clean install of everything (XP Home/SP2) and also have all of my Sony apps installed on this pc. Since this system must be online at times, what virus protection software do you all recommend? I had Norton on it before but it seemed to do weird stuff and I also recall others saying they thought it was problematic. I use a mac for all of my general computer tasks including internet and email, hence my ignorance about this. Thanks in advance.



SHTUNOT wrote on 5/27/2005, 4:27 AM
I use a dual boot system...I partition a 40gig hd 20/20 and use one for sony apps and the other for internet,etc..

I use norton internet security '05 with webroot spysweeper. All is well. When I'm using my A/V partition I just unplug my ethernet cable. A very comfortable setup IMHO.

I store anything I get on a external HD and do a scan of it before I touch it.