OT: Whay do people buy Plextors?

pb wrote on 5/21/2004, 10:23 PM
Just wondering. THere are so many posts complaining about DVDA not seeing the 708. I have mentioned before that one of my Day Job PCs has a 708a and I have to burn to a DVD+RW then use that for duping. Not really a problem becasue we have a dedicated duplicator unit but if that were my only burner I'd be pretty p'd off. My three towers and laptop at home all write to Sony DRU and DRX units and I've never, ever had a stitch of trouble with them. Are Plextors extremely cheap or something like that?



farss wrote on 5/22/2004, 5:20 AM
I have a Plextor CD burner, bought it solely for master audio CDs on the recommendation of the guys in the Vegas Audio Forum. It works extremely well and was damn expensive for a CD burner.
I don't know if their DVD burners are as good as their CD burners but they seem to have a reputation for building the best kit. Certainly the CD burner seems to perform, 24 master with no rejects by the duplication facility and client reports thats about a first for them.
jmeredith wrote on 5/22/2004, 11:05 AM
Actually, the real issue is that DVDA1 and 2 appears to consistently have trouble writing to "-" media, whether Plextor or other models, including a gentlemen who recently posted and said that he had Sony's newest model, the DRU700A and he also could not write to "-" media
roger_74 wrote on 5/22/2004, 2:03 PM
Plextor CD-ROMs and CD-Rs have always been at the top of the heap, no contest. So far I'm not impressed with their DVD burners though.