OT: Where can production time be saved ?

alltheseworlds wrote on 5/12/2010, 3:45 PM
I'm currently shooting on a Sony HC-9 (miniDV) and editing on a fast quadcore. I shoot lots of reasonably simple videos that above all must be turned around and uploaded as fast as possible.

To keep my costs low and increase throughout I need to streamline the process somewhere, but just can't figure where to save time. I've got a good budget to buy whatever is needed, but I can't see what will help !

I thought I'd go with a Panasonic TM-700 and a new i7, but I suspect the workflow on that system may be slower than my current HC-9 and quadcore ! Instead of being able to review the footage while it is being captured, I'll have to wait while I convert 60p AVCHD files with Neoscene.

I don't want to use a lower-spec camera because I sometimes shoot for TV and may also need to use earlier footage I've shot as well. The 1080 files also allow me to zoom in on the action. There's also the client-mind issue of turning up with a "toy".

With all the wonderful gear that's out there, where can money buy time ?


CClub wrote on 5/12/2010, 3:54 PM
If you have "a good budget to buy whatever is needed," then why don't you shoot with something like an EX1 where you don't have to convert the footage and can just pull it off the cards?
Former user wrote on 5/12/2010, 4:14 PM
Most of the time I save is actually not in capturing. Sure, capturing HDV is a real-tie process, but I find planning ahead, scripting, and getting the footage I really want (with conditions that don't require a lot of time in post) saves me more time than anything else.

My time savers: french doors (keep light off the lens), good lights, good mics/windsock, and a shot list I can live and die by.

If you're looking at just post in terms of time savers, then get something NOT AVCHD (eg: EX1), pull your content off the media, and start working on it.
rmack350 wrote on 5/12/2010, 5:54 PM
Another possible option is an HDV camera with a solid state recorder attached. Here's the recorder: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/580065-REG/Sony_HVR_MRC1K_HVR_MRC1_Memory_Recording_Unit.html#features

This makes HDV and DV capture better than real time. Sure, the EX1 is a nicer choice but this is also an option. BH photo has had kit packages available that included this recorder.

alltheseworlds wrote on 5/13/2010, 3:03 AM
Now that's a good idea ! Thanks :-)