TheHappyFriar wrote on 9/10/2015, 10:31 PM
I list by details not thumbnails.
Kit wrote on 9/11/2015, 1:37 AM
I do that when the clips are named but these are pulled directly from the camera and just have numbers for names which are not meaningful.
Grazie wrote on 9/11/2015, 2:20 AM
Kit, read this on "Vegas Pro 12 build 486 255 thumbnails problem." - you might be interested.


ritsmer wrote on 9/11/2015, 5:54 AM
Good old Win XP used the very first frame in a video file to show in the thumbnail - that was fast.

Then, developing Win 7, some Microsoft wizzard decided that 'the first frame' was not good enough: Windows should search in the first seconds of the video (after some rules) and then show a frame from this place - and that takes time.
Unfortunately MS did not keep the old XP program-code together with the new code so that a user could decide by himself if he wanted the fast XP thumbnails or the slow 7 thumbnails.

The slow thumbnails are also the way that 8 does it - and there is still no setting for it - I dunno for W10 - I will not touch it until SP1.

Strange how software companies do not listen to their users - just like we are struck with the totally disturbing "smart resample" by default in Vegas for version after version.... :- )