OT Wireless Mic Noise

markrad wrote on 8/8/2003, 4:39 PM
I am using an Azden WM-10 II wireless mic setup that runs in the 49Mhz band.
The reciever output (mono) is going into the Mic inputs on my Sony cameras.
The audio reception sounds fine when I monitor through the earpiece on the reciever but when I monitor the audio using the camera headphone jack I am hearing a lot of hum and interference. This is on 2 different cameras, 2 different channels even a close range. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Jsnkc wrote on 8/8/2003, 4:55 PM
Does the audio sound fine on your final tape? If so it is probably just the noise from the camera coming through the headphone jack.
markrad wrote on 8/8/2003, 4:59 PM
No, the final tape playback has the same noise so I'm relying on the camera headphone jack to give me a true "what you hear is what you get" result.
Zulqar-Cheema wrote on 8/8/2003, 5:26 PM
Is the output of the Rx line or Mic? that can cause the extra noise... it should be Mic.

also the 49Mhz band can be noisy here in th UK.
markrad wrote on 8/8/2003, 5:33 PM
The reciever only has one output and I don't know if it is line or mic. I'm wondering, could plugging in recievers mono output plug into the mic input of the camera which is STEREO be part of the problem?
As far as the RF spectrum-I'm in the U.S.A
BillyBoy wrote on 8/8/2003, 6:06 PM
Continuous noise made by a camera or other things can be removed with varying degrees of success in post production using a plug-in from SoFo or other similar products. You can get an idea and even get to see my ugly mug in one of my tutorials.


The idea is simple enough. Fine a second or two of "silence" where only the noise is present then apply a filter that masks it, then apply the filter to the whole file. If you listen to the vid you can tell I got a little carried away and indeed there are artifacts, (some distorting of my voice) which was the result of over correcting. One of these days I'll write a more detailed step by step.