Output to DV Camera

FrankM wrote on 5/22/2001, 10:26 AM
I have the same question that was previously asked by someone:

>>The manual does not outline the procedure to output the
>>final video project back to a DV camera via firewire.
>>anyone know the procedure?

The reply was to "see posts 129 and 95". However, those message numbers now don't relate to this topic.

Could you please either restate the answer or give the exact Subject so I can search and find the answer?



SonyEPM wrote on 5/23/2001, 9:31 AM
1) render the project to a file using the unmodified ntsc dv .avi template

2) load that file into the Video Capture tool

3) Preview it to the camera to make sure the connection is working and the camera is receiving the data

4) Record to camera
FrankM wrote on 5/25/2001, 1:34 PM
Thanks for the specific reply.

Let me add what I've also learned for anyone else with this same newbie question:

1. Specific step by step instructions are in the Help file in the Capture program. (Perhaps the Capture Program should be renamed "Capture and Print Program"?)

2. The expression "output to DV camera" means the same as "print to tape", so search on Forum questions/replies under that expression also.

One final thought, one of the reasons I switched to Video Factory from VideoWave is the helpful, responsive Tech Support here. Thanks.