Pal conversion questions

electricfarmer wrote on 2/11/2009, 9:43 AM
I am selling ntsc dvds in america. I am now advertizing in australia and we want to deliver the highest possible quality in pal standard dvd format.

Since the video originated in standard ntsc form, should I render the video to an avi pal standard in vegas and then make a pal dvd in dvd architect. What is the path for the highest possible quality conversion?


Lyris wrote on 2/11/2009, 12:26 PM
If you want the highest quality, don't convert it. Most TVs in Europe and Australia can play NTSC anyway.

If you do choose to convert, open your Vegas project and save out to a 720x576, 25fps AVI file (or render directly to MPEG-2 from inside Vegas). The quality of Vegas' conversion isn't fantastic, though.

If you want the ultimate quality, you'll need to hire a professional hardware converter from a broadcast services place (Snell and Wilcox Alchemist is widely regarded as the best). If you want a decent result through software, check out Canopus Procoder for Windows. It does software standards conversion better than Vegas (as does Apple Compressor if you have access to a Mac).