FrigidNDEditing wrote on 10/31/2007, 1:44 AM
I saw a thread on this type of thing on another forum (won't mention which one), and when push came to shove (Sony and Panasonic reps both with authority to speak on the matter got involved) essentially Panny is unwilling to give Sony the info and permissions necessary to make the Panny MXF files usable in Vegas, and you have to use ray-light (just the first one I thought of) to make the files accessible to Vegas, bit of a cheeser if you ask me.

BarryGreen wrote on 11/17/2007, 2:55 PM
The MXF files are a SMPTE-certified standard. Panasonic and many other companies use the Op-Atom version. Sony chose to use the Op-A1 version. Vegas only supports the Sony implementation.

If you get Raylight, you get the ability to use the Panasonic Op-Atom MXF files right in the timeline. It's a well-integrated, real-time, and excellent solution. There are other workarounds (you can use CineForm to convert the MXF files into CineForm AVI files, or you can use Adobe/Serious Magic's DVCPRO-HD file converter utility, or Focus Enhancements file converter) but none of the other solutions is nearly as effortless or well-integrated as Raylight.
BarryGreen wrote on 11/17/2007, 2:57 PM
>>I thought the format was developed/defined by both companies.<<

Okay, this makes me think there may be some confusion going on. Perhaps you mean AVC-HD? The MXF files in question are used on the P2 camcorders, and Sony had no involvement with that.

Sony and Panasonic worked together to create the AVC-HD format. But AVC-HD doesn't use MXF files.

Yes Sony and Panasonic worked together with AVC-HD, and yes it's true that the version 7.0E update to Vegas didn't support AVC-HD files from non-Sony camcorders (so footage from Pansonic and Canon AVC-HD cameras wouldn't work in Vegas 7.0E). Isn't that rectified in version 8 though?
ForumAdmin wrote on 11/21/2007, 4:05 AM
"Isn't that rectified in version 8 though?"

Current versions of Vegas Movie Studio PE 8 and Vegas Pro 8 support just about every current variant of AVCHD (- the common types from most mfrs-1440, interlaced).