PC version of "IDive" MAC software

burchis13 wrote on 4/21/2009, 7:02 AM
I am looking for a third party program that will; organize, catalog, index, search, and manage all of my video files. Aquafadas makes a program titled "IDive" that does exactly what I am looking for, unfortunately it is for the Mac. I need a similar program that works with PC. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.


newhope wrote on 4/21/2009, 7:25 AM
Extensis Portfolio 8.5 organizes video as well as stills, audio etc
BrianStanding wrote on 4/21/2009, 8:55 AM
Sony's Media Manager, PhotoGo or Adobe Bridge will also do what you want.
burchis13 wrote on 4/21/2009, 2:31 PM
Thanks for these suggested titles but most of these programs are targeted for photo cataloging. I simply need to manage, catalog, index, and search only AVI video files that I have captured to my HD.
rs170a wrote on 4/21/2009, 2:40 PM
That's what Media Manager (a part of Vegas Pro, if that's what you're using) is for.

burchis13 wrote on 4/22/2009, 6:05 AM
Again, thanks for the reply. As mentioned in my original post, I am looking for a third party program, one that is dedicated for the described task. Anyone else have a suggestion?
Jøran Toresen wrote on 4/22/2009, 6:07 AM
You can use Microsoft Expression Media 2.

Jøran Toresen
Jay Gladwell wrote on 4/22/2009, 6:16 AM

Take a look at MediaFiler...


DanielH wrote on 4/22/2009, 7:10 AM
I have a lot of projects that I put on usb drives, about 20 at my last count. Last year I found a program called CDWinder on the PC and CD Finder on the Mac. It won't organize your files but if you put a little thought in your naming of files and folders this is not a deal breaker. What it does do is with the click of a mouse and type a few letters it will tell you what drives and folder that elusive file is located.

This one program has made my unorganized life so much better I can not express how well I like these programs. Here is the link, check out the demo and see for your self. http://www.cdwinder.de/en/downloads.html