phase flip question

edna6284 wrote on 8/30/2002, 7:56 AM

Regarding VV3 phase switches on each track. Phase switching should take some CPU cycles, however few. Is the whole project edged up slightly to account for the delay resulting from the processing time required for the phase switching?

Whis would be important when? When you've got a whole drum set miked and you flip the phase on one of your overhead tracks.



Chienworks wrote on 8/30/2002, 9:34 AM
Phase switching is probably the easiest effect for the CPU to handle; it's merely inverting the bits which is a one cycle per word operation. I would imagine that drawing the cursor on the screen takes hundreds or thousands of times as many CPU cycles as phase switching does. Simply mixing tracks together requires much more horsepower. In short, i wouldn't worry about phase switching.
Rednroll wrote on 8/30/2002, 9:45 AM
It's all math processing in the digital world: A+B+C+D=XYZ The addition of A+B+C+D are all done somewhere around 200 MHz plus. Your audio may only be at 96 Khz. So even at 200Mhz, the audio is still 2000 times slower than the actual processing. If there was a delay when inverting the phase, then that would introduce phase problems, like in an analog equalizer. There is no phase problems in the digital world of this kind.
PipelineAudio wrote on 8/30/2002, 10:45 AM
edna, use duplicate track and flip one. Youll see it totally cancells out, which would suggest to me that its in exactly the right place.
edna6284 wrote on 8/30/2002, 10:55 AM
Good point...uh, hadn't thought of that (bows head). Thanks all. DE