PipelineAudio and CDM - Question:


James Young wrote on 4/19/2005, 4:25 PM
Now, that's just completely incomprehensable to me! Balls! Technology improves so rapidly, I'm tossing my computer every 6 months! Who has time to redo things that you should've done correctly in the first place? Why wasn't your client satisfied. Why dig up old rotting worm infested bodies? Why the madness!? Make it stop! I only wish my name was SonyJBY!
PipelineAudio wrote on 4/19/2005, 4:30 PM
"Can you not just stick to one version of software after you've started working with a client, until the time you are finished with the project? :) :)"

Not really, every time they have more money they want to come in and add a digeridoo part or something. Then sometimes they want some changes for different radio stations and such. But you raise a point, maybe I could also have vegas 4 running?
PipelineAudio wrote on 4/19/2005, 4:37 PM
OK, one thing needs to be made clear:

Charles is NOT to blame for our woes. The beta testers dont necessarily have the power to add or change features

if you look at the name "beta tester" you can come up with some answers to yourself

beta-means its already made, bugs are getting worked out

tester- you are testing stuff, not designing it.

The damage was done before the release of Vegas 3. The final missing pieces needed to be added to vegas 2 were deemed "unnecessary" right here in these forums and elsewhere after MANY MANY long heated debates.

A few members who seem to have a lot more influence on SF vehemently insisted on derailing the audio future of this app

what we need desparately is to have some influence in the design phase itself, and to show that some priority MUST be given to our issues.

I think rednroll nailed it that we have to get the video guys behind our audio needs
Rednroll wrote on 4/19/2005, 4:38 PM
"I only wish my name was SonyJBY!"

<ears perk up> What!? Your name is SonyJBY? Somebody get that no good SOB....LOL!!!
PipelineAudio wrote on 4/19/2005, 4:41 PM
unfortyunately this isnt how it works anymore. Now even record companies ask for not only all the files, but stems and 100% recallable sessions. Its gone insane. If you dont have the ability to pull something up, I dont care when, you are going to have trouble.

This means if you are using any analog gear in your mixes, you better render before and afters of it as well. We are being monday morning quarterbacked by conservatory grads and mooks right out of business
CDM wrote on 4/19/2005, 4:42 PM
hey, i run a recording studio all day long. i posted that request for bugs during the beta-cycle so that Sony would hopefully have a consolidated space to look at these things while we were testing. i don't have time to fight all the battles. You wouldn't believe how many bugs people report here that i didn't know about or care about that i have personally copied and forwarded to the Sony engineers just because i want this to be as good a product as you do. But, hey, i do't know why certain things don't get addressed. You think that because Sony now owns the software that there are unlimited resources? no. in fact they now have a lot more people to answer to internally as to what is the "right" thing to concentrate on.

that having been said, yes, it sucks big-time that the basic DAW-ness of Vegas got the shaft this time around, but i'll still go on the record to say there's still alot of frickin' awesome stuff in this version for recording and post-production people like myself.

i will still bitch and moan to them about audio features i want. they just may not end up being the things you want.
PipelineAudio wrote on 4/19/2005, 4:43 PM
ahh but didgidesign has us nailed there

even though they come up with formats for compatiability, PT cannot open or save OMF's or whatever

You need to install digitranslator or OMF tool to pull it off. This way, PT users can still screw you. Theyll say, hey I saved it all, itll open on pt, but no translator can get it going for you.

We now have the ability to send to them, not the other way around

CDM wrote on 4/20/2005, 5:03 AM
I agree with you there. It's a total rip off that they charge $500 for a translator tool to write to OMF and .AAF
CDM wrote on 4/20/2005, 7:56 AM
but sadly, Final Cut Pro, which is what I usually need people to export form to do sound mixing for film, only exports to OMF and not AAF. This is why I had to buy EDL Convert Pro, which is great BTW.

I have to say, having spent a huge amount of work and time beta-testing this thing, I can't believe how many problems people are reporting. I use Vegas 6 all day long every day and seriously thought I had nailed an enormous amount of the problems.

James Young wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:05 AM
"maybe I could also have vegas 4 running?"

heh, I still use 3 probably 95% of the time. v5 has only one feature that I must use on certain occasions (ASIO)
drbam wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:41 AM
"heh, I still use 3 probably 95% of the time. v5 has only one feature that I must use on certain occasions (ASIO)"

I hear you. I would still use Vegas 3 but I've slowly come to rely on buss to buss routing and automation in v.5 so I've pretty much moved to it as my default. However, the broken metronome causes me to rethink this every time I start a new project that needs a click. I've decided I will NOT pay an extra $150 for this "fix" so unless Sony "makes it right" in some way, I won't purchase v.6. I hope other audio only users will join me in this sort of "boycott." If enough of us don't purchase it because of this blatant rip off, maybe Sony someone will take notice. . . then again maybe not. They may be tired of our complaining would be happy to have us just go away. Frankly I don't really think that there are that many of us. Who knows. . .


PipelineAudio wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:43 AM
I felt it was nearly as buggy as five. I couldnt burn cd's or render, or hit solo or mute, but on the other hand, CPU usage was WAY down for me, which makes me silly happy
drbam wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:57 AM
"I felt it was nearly as buggy as five. I couldnt burn cd's or render, or hit solo or mute, but on the other hand,"

Pipe, are you referring to v.3? Its been the quickest and most stable for me. Vegas 5 is close in terms of performance but the cheesy pastel color scheme actually slows me down and causes more fatigue. I often have to double check to make sure I'm clicking on or selecting the correct thing (and yes, I've adjusted all the contrast and whatnot).

PipelineAudio wrote on 4/20/2005, 8:58 AM
No Vegas 6