KjipRecords wrote on 12/19/2002, 2:56 AM
Hear, hear!!

I'm considering samp 7 myself, and I might take advantage of one of their cross grade offers...just to get my hands on a great product.
I really like Vegas, and if we could get just some clues about where they are going, I think I might drop my samp thoughts. I think samp is a powerful application, but it is also a very deep application that will take time to get to know.
With Vegas, I can more focus on the music and the recording process.

Vegas performs well with my current needs, I just would like to be prepared for future demands and challenges, by using the best tool I can afford.

Is there a beta?

:) Lars
PipelineAudio wrote on 12/19/2002, 2:17 PM
lets hope for sidechainable eq's compressors and gates too
Rednroll wrote on 12/19/2002, 5:31 PM
"I'm considering samp 7 myself, and I might take advantage of one of their cross grade offers"

Don't bother if editing is a strong point of purchasing your app of choice. It may have more features in some respects compared to Vegas, but the features that are the same in each app are much stronger in Vegas. I spent an hour talking to the reps from Samplitude at AES when they where previewing Samplitude 7 and I showed them 3 limitations within 15 minutes, doing simple eccential editing and explained a typical use for these types of editing features.......they knodded their heads in agreement and wrote these items down to feed back to their design team. They also, agreed with me that the midi features where weak, and they had previously been working with Emagic to incorporate some of Logic Audio's midi features, but the deal fell through....I guess Emagic decided to jump on board with the Apple people instead. I suggested they, talk to the old Opcode Studio Vision Pro people and get those midi features implemented, since that's where most of Logic Audio's customers originated from. Again, they got that pencil and paper out and started to write.

So if all of that pencil writing actually takes place in Samplitude 8, then you might see me loging into by next year also.
Jacose wrote on 12/19/2002, 8:26 PM
I wont believe that till I try i ;)

Still looks better than vegas.. I can see nothing it CANT do that vegas CAN.. plz explain so I dont waste me money !!!
Rednroll wrote on 12/19/2002, 8:47 PM
Try "slip editing", where the edit/split point stays and you slip the audio of the event to the right into the split point. I use that one alot when editing a full length piece of music into a 60 second radio comerial and also "debreathing" a voice over. Simply put a cut in the VO before the breath and then Slip the breath by moving the audio to the left until the breath is "slipped" out. Try selecting multiple events and doing a time-compression/ can only do one at a time in Samplitude. Try, taking a split/edit point, and moving the edit point without moving the audio. I use this feature all the time by editing music on beat one, then shifting the edit point off of the ONE and more on the "And" of four, so that the edit sounds more natural. Those, were the major ones, but like I said, I spent 15 minutes asking them and showing them these essential edit features. Give me a day, and I'll tear that program apart.
Jacose wrote on 12/20/2002, 2:41 AM
you are THE man.... but im too tired to understand what you said... will read again in morning... all in all tho, Samp looks promising.. well see how I feel when I read your post in consciencness...;)
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/20/2002, 4:29 AM
I know that there *is* a V4 maybe/maybe not at beta stage. SF have as much as said this here. I don't know any more than that, but if you want to know likely possible changes, obviously a quick glance at Acid 4 may give a few hints...

Weevil wrote on 12/20/2002, 6:21 AM
Yep (it was mentioned in the conference call that) work has been done on Vegas 4...You’d think that ACID’s MIDI and Bus tracks would have to be on the way.

But I can’t imagine any of it would go any further until the new owners take over. That’s at least two months away. Plus there would have to be some amount of time for the changeover to happen and things to settle down.

And who knows what the new guys will want to do with it...
stusy wrote on 12/26/2002, 8:28 AM
You know what tho..? now that I have CDA 5, I'm debatin' to take off my VV3..never used it for video apps anyway, just audio, and unless I'm mistakin', CDA5 has everything I need to fit nicely with my Acid4 and SoundForge 6 to make a real nice package for sometime to come..I'll still hold onto it, but like Sonar(131), I'll put it by the wayside for now..anyone see probs with that..? I thot not...
Chienworks wrote on 12/26/2002, 8:52 AM
Stusy: one big thing Vegas has that CD Architect doesn't is unlimited tracks. This may not matter to you, but it might be very useful sometime.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/27/2002, 6:19 PM

If you do any audio *recording* , then CDA5 won't do diddley-squat for you !

For stereo recording , xfer from DAT and where waveform editing may be required (incl restoration type treatments), I use SForge.

For multitrack (2+) recording I use Vegas 3.

I never could get the hang of V3 for CD mastering, where I used CDA4 until CDA5 allowed me to go legit.

a_v wrote on 12/28/2002, 3:51 AM
it would be cool if macromedia bought this technology...the technology and interface design behind vegas would fit in good with their product line....they could use a good video and audio app.

in regards to samplitude: do not be fooled into thinking that samplitude is good for editing. nothing compares to the speed of vegas: making your ideas manifest quickly. samplitude is great for once the *layout* is done. the effects within samplitude sound great....its just getting to that stage that takes forever and does not compare to the speed of vegas. this has always been the strong point of vegas. might be kind of cool if one could export track layouts to samplitude...christ, samp is fun once youre there...its just getting there.
Jacose wrote on 12/28/2002, 8:36 AM
EDL files can be converted to samplitudes format.
Studio_de_Lara wrote on 12/29/2002, 11:03 AM
How do you convert a Vegas EDL to a Samplitude one, other than using EDL convert?
Jacose wrote on 12/29/2002, 11:34 AM
there is no other way.

actually, I am having problems trying to convert EDLs from vegas 3 into samplitudes format!!!
axel wrote on 1/21/2003, 5:50 AM
If you like, send us the Vegas text edl you are having trouble with and we will look into it.


Jacose wrote on 1/28/2003, 12:00 AM
thanks!!! i will!