Platinum Rocks

RicCed wrote on 8/23/2005, 7:48 PM
Just got the software today (non-trial version) and I must say that you'd be foolish not to go with the Platinum package. For the additional $20, you get so much. The Pixelan effects package alone is worth the entire upgrade. I have yet to install the XMC program but I am sure it is fantastic as well.

Kudos to Sony for a great product. I feel like driving across town (I live in Madison, WI) and dropping off some doughnuts.


desertman wrote on 8/23/2005, 9:12 PM
I am looking forward to the Platimum edition. I ordered it last week. Today I got the normal upgrade in the mail. I talked with Sony and they are sending me the right version. It does seem to be the better bargain.

dibbkd wrote on 8/24/2005, 3:12 AM
My copy should be arriving today... can't wait!
jtuffen wrote on 8/24/2005, 5:12 AM
:) Ditto... according to the FedEx tracking sheet, it was on the van this morning - with any luck it'll be waiting for me when I get home !!

Just a quick one: can we use other 3rd party plugins (free or paid for) with Platinum?

dibbkd wrote on 8/24/2005, 10:44 AM
UPS just delivered it... good thing I'm working from home today! Get to play a little early!

Here's what's in the box (Platinum anyway...)

Platinum MS6 DVD CD and quick start manual
1,001 Sound effects CD
Acid XMC CD and quick start manual
Sony Sound Effects volumes 1 - 5 CD
DVD Architech Studio quick start manual
HDV - What You NEED to Know book by our friend "spot"
and some coupon or something for more Pixelan effects

Will install this evening!
Storyman wrote on 8/24/2005, 1:04 PM

Some questions.

The 1,001 Sound Effects CD. Is that disk for Acid XCM or does it actually have sound effects.

The Sony Sound Effects volumes 1-5. My disk says that it is a sampler from volumes 1-5. Did you get the full library?

Was there a disk of loops for Acid XCM?
jtuffen wrote on 8/25/2005, 2:55 AM
Oh yeah.... installed it last night (uninstalled v4 first) - and first impressions are good - the detachable preview window is worth the upgrade alone (I can now use my second monitor for previewing!!). The keyframable effects look interesting too...

Fun :-)