Play-ALL or Play Next

Lajko wrote on 2/7/2003, 6:17 PM
When compiling a collection of short videos, it is nice to be able to play all at once. Other programs allow one video to automatically go to the next one in the sequence (or not, you can set that option.) ((as in DVD Complete, DVD Workshop and MyDVD 4.0)) You can play any selected video next or return to any menu.

Any way to either have a video automatically play the next one or have a "Play All" button?

I know you can do a misuc track of videos, and that plays all in sequence, but you lose all menu selection for each video when you do that.

If you do that and also have separate buttons for each video, then each video is on the DVD twice. That makes it take twice the time to do the dvd and you really get half the capacity because each video would be there twice. (If this is not true and a video is only written out once no matter how many buttons it appears on, let us know, as that would be a very good thing!)

Another possibility would be to have a button that can list existing videos in the project and play them so the videos don't have to be on the dvd twice

So what should we do or what can be done?


SonyTony wrote on 2/7/2003, 9:35 PM
You can render all your video clips into one large MPEG file. Then bring the MPEG file into DVD Architect, which will be your Play All link. You can then drag in additional instances of that video, and modify their in/out points as needed to play only the desired portions of the large video file. This will result in all your video content being on the DVD only once, yet you'll be able to have multiple menu links to any portion of the video file.