Playback issues (where's the "lightning bolt icon???)

Jessariah67 wrote on 6/1/2020, 10:55 AM

Hey All,

I am trying various quality settings, but I can't seem to stop playback from stuttering through transitions - especially hard cuts. 4K timeline/4k footage. It plays smoothly "once it gets going" - but I get the dreaded "..." under frames when I hit hard cuts (which makes tweaking them very difficult). My card is a Nvidia 1060 6G. It does the same thing whether or not I send to an external monitor. If I start at the head of the new clip, it plays back fine. It's almost like it's doing some weird caching or something.

I searched around and saw reference to a lightning bolt icon "below the preview monitor" but I don't see it. Any help would be appreciated.

I've updated display driver and the most recent build of VP17.



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