Please Please help me ???????

tuckermonster wrote on 8/14/2001, 10:28 AM
I am running Vegas audio, on a Pentium 3 1g proccessor ,256 megs RAM , 7200 rpm H.D.,window 98 se ,
using a Delta 10/10 .
My problem is this , I am getting glitches in playback with only 5 tracks of mono audio , so the idea of recording is a very silly idea, I need to be able to run maybe 12 tracks simultaneously , I have gone in and taken out all unneccesary cpu usage, like not writing a waveform , or not showing events, I lowered my video excelleration to low,
In the lower right hand corner of vegas ,it says I am only using 25 of 256 megs of RAM and like 4% disk.
I have plenty of H.D. left (25 gig or so)......
I have tried to tweak the buffering in vegas, but nothing has helped (well, I mixed the 4 tracks od drums down to two, therefore lowering the amount of tracks, but I usually use 8 tracks for drums ,then do this) I am sure there are some optimizing settings that I can do, but I do not know how to do this, I need help from someone very serious and knowledgeable...
So if this is you please help ?????????
Thanks Tucker


tuckermonster wrote on 8/14/2001, 10:32 AM
I forgot to add that I am using one bus fx (reverb) for the snare track , it is a sonic foundry plug in.
If anyone can help ,please do....
My email is
and my ICQ # is 2786811
I will even call you if that is what it takes!!!!!
Thanks Tucker
Rockitglider wrote on 8/14/2001, 11:25 AM

If this is a new install I would try reinstalling, Because I can run 12 busses with several effects and different bus output assignments, and the buffer is set at default from install, with no problems like that.

When you do the reinstall delete the old directories first and create all new.

See ya, Rockit
CharlesGarrett wrote on 8/14/2001, 6:31 PM
Don't forget to defrag that hard-drive, and remember that reverb can suck up 20-80% processor capacity pretty quickly. Especially dense, long reverbs.
theron3 wrote on 8/14/2001, 10:51 PM
here is a sight that has wonderful tips on P.c. optimisation. Although,I've been told that not all tings are good for Vegas, i.e gutting explorer, the rest of the tips have been good and I've no trouble with the tips I've been told to stay away from.

It sound like you've more than enough push and pull to do what your asking. Perhaps you've a software conflict or some such thing.
12StringDreams wrote on 8/15/2001, 5:41 PM
I would check in the Preferences >> Routing and see how the audio is being routed. I can output 12 tracks through my standard sound card with no problem, so maybe it has something to do with windows trying to map through the Delta. Probly not much help...
Good Luck

Tracy Simants

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stumacQ wrote on 8/15/2001, 6:36 PM
Hmm ...

Your computer is WELL spec'd to do 48+ tracks of STEREO audio. If you're getting clicks the first place I would look is:

1. Check to see if your hard drive is in DMA mode or PIO mode. This is usually a chipset management thing. PIO doesn't work well for audio at all, as it's VERY slow. Even a fast DMA100 drive in PIO mode is hard pressed to get very many tracks running simultaneously.

2. Your chipset on your motherboard may not like your sound card. Check into that. Check your BIOS settings too.

3. Your video card could be the culprit. I used to get clicks a lot in my recorded audio everytime I'd move the mouse (or cause any other grapical re-draw). My video card was on the same IRQ as my sound card. Go to:

Start|Programs|Accessories|System Tools|System Info

Check for conflicts.

4. The usual culprits ... fragmented disks, bad clusters, virus infection, etc.

Good luck!

Rednroll wrote on 8/16/2001, 10:08 PM
Wow, Sorry I wasn't able to help you earlier. I would disregard all of the previous replies except for the last. Sorry..don't mean to offend anyone, but your system should be able to handle at least 48 tracks even with a fragmented hard drive, mine is less of a system than yours and I can record 64 simultaneous tracks without a hiccup. Here's the things to check.

1. Make sure your hard drive you're recording on has DMA enabled. (This usually will almost double the performance of a DAW system using EIDE drives).

2. The most common problem that causes glitches in Vegas is Video cards. Go to your video cards website and make sure you download the latest drivers and install them.

3. Now do the same with your sound card as previous suggestion. Sound card and Video card driver conflicts in your system always causes havok with Vegas.

4. If these three suggestions don't fix your problem, I would suspect some other piece of hardware like a modem, SCSI card, network card maybe causing problems. Right click on the "My computer" icon and select properties,then hardware profiles. Copy your current hardware with the new hardware profile start disabling hardware and restart your system and then try running Vegas. This is a way you can isolate problem hardware and then get back to where you started easily by deleting hardware profiles. When booting up it will ask you what hardware profile you would like to use.

5. Prey
Good luck,
Brian Franz
Rednroll wrote on 8/16/2001, 10:26 PM
A Reverb can use 20-80% of processor? You have 256 MEG of RAM on your system. Plugins tend to be more of a RAM hog than a processor hog. With 256 Meg of ram you should be able to take the most intense reverb and not even notice any system drain. I have a 700Mhz Athlon with 128Meg of RAM and I can run a combination of 14 Waves and TC native Reverbs with no problems. Don't listen to that nonsence with your measely 1 reverb plugin.
Rockitglider wrote on 8/16/2001, 11:39 PM

Also after you do all that, You can right click My Computer Icon on your desktop and select Properties, Then select Device Manager tab and leave computer highlighted and select properties again, this will tell you all your devices and the IRQ"s that's being used. This is where conflicts that don't show on device manager can be found.
You want to look at your Sound card and video card. They should only be sharing with a IRQ Holder For PCI Steering and nothing else. If they are you can move some of your PCI cards around into different slots to get them on different IRQ's.

Good Luck, Rockit
tuckermonster wrote on 8/17/2001, 11:08 PM
thanks to all of you, I knew that I shoulld have been getting a lot more out of my system that was why I was so stressed, It seems to be better now ,i have not tested it to the max ,but so far so good, it seems that adaptec's cd now was causing a conflict somehow, the driver or something, a friend reccomended I remove it, as soon as I did , better!!!There you go!!!1
I have learned a lot about tweaking my system in the last few days, so no lose!!!!! thanks to everyone that had a suggestion!!! Tucker