cbeck715 wrote on 4/9/2001, 4:09 PM
4.5 & cda should see your plextor with no problems, check
and see if you have the latest version of cda & 4.5, also
go to Plextors site and make sure you have the latest
firmware for your burner, if not you can download it from
their site, hope this helps.................
cbeck715 wrote on 4/9/2001, 4:13 PM
One more thing, If your drive is not seen by cda, do a
search in the forum for drive detection, a lot of good
stuff here by people who had the same problem and solved it.
Bill_Wood wrote on 4/14/2001, 12:20 PM
Make sure you have downloaded version 4.5g from this

Then Open CDA, pull down the Options, Select Drive and push
the Advanced button to get the Advanced Drive Detection
window. The set the Drive Type to ATAPI MMC Compatible,
the "SCSI Host" window to "0, SCSI Device 0" and finally
pull down the "SCSI CD-R" window and you should see a line
that has the Plextor CDR PX-1210A on it. Select that and,
presto, your new Plextor 12-10-32 IDE CD-R drive will be
the CDA output device.

If you don't see the drive check Windows Control Panel,
System Hardware display to make sure Windows sees the
Plextor drive OK.

RixWare wrote on 4/19/2001, 2:10 AM
For more details on this solution (as well as another
option) see my page: