RevF wrote on 1/1/2002, 8:14 AM
Before I get flamed ;-) I have now read the old references on the list thoroughly and sorted the solution - Use CDA and CDPBurn as an interim solution until Sonic get their act in gear for VV3 and the Plextor 241040 drive. Thanks all.
RevF wrote on 1/6/2002, 6:28 AM
What am I - talking to myself here?
Neither CDPburn or Premaster worked with the Plextor...
I guess I'll just have to wait for Sonic to get their act together with VV3...
kryten wrote on 1/6/2002, 10:20 AM
Neither CDPBurn or premaster work either? Do you have any burning software that DOES see your drive? It sounds more like a hardware and/or driver issue.
Estuardo wrote on 1/12/2002, 7:38 PM
I have a Plextor 24/10/40 version 1.02. It is working with CD Architect 4.0g and Vegas Video 3.0 using W2K Professional.

However, in CDA the Plextor will not show up in the window stating what drives are recognized, BUT it does correctly appear on the lower left taskbar.

Even though it does not appear in the window stating what drive is assigned, it will automatically read. I have not yet tested it to record.

I am not sure what speed it read a 74 minute CD. I still getting everything together.

I had to do what was said time and again in this forum - when selecting a drive to use with CDA, go to the advanced tab and in the Advanced Drive Selection window, select "ATAPI MMC Compatible" and then in SCSI HOST select whever it is connected. Since it is connected on my second IDE controller ("1" since the first is "0"), select "1". Now (hopefully) when you go to the window below this called SCSI CD-R, it'll appear as an option.

I noticed that Vegas Video did not contain the same window that CDA has to select what you want to read from a CD (by track, time, etc.). I don't know if it reads faster since I'm still testing.

tunafish wrote on 1/19/2002, 1:07 AM
My Plextor 16/10/40/ IDE CD-RW will only burn at 6X with VV3. Faster than that causes buffer under runs. It will burn at 16X with Plextor sofware. I am waiting for Sonic Foundry to figure it out. CDA doesn't see the drive, but I'm going to try Estuarto's suggestion. Plextor told me that Sonic Foundry needs to upgrade VV3. I've been on the phone with Sonic Foundry for days; all I can do now is wait for the upgrade.
RevF wrote on 1/26/2002, 5:22 PM
Still waiting for Sonic to sort VV3 for use with the Plextor drives. Was it Kryten who said "it is working" and then said "but I havn't tried recording yet..." - Have you tried yet? - I think you'll find it's shit. It works in track at once, (great if you don't want any PQ encoding) but only at 6X speed max. Disc at once, VV3 just hangs and needs switching off at the wall... - great if you want to trash your OS... I thought VV3 was cheap, but so far it's been useless and cost me a new hard drive as it trashed my drive so badly when I had to hack it off at the wall for the umpteenth time.
Also recording in VV3 is hit and miss for crackles - but I'll start another thread for that I think!
kryten wrote on 1/26/2002, 11:19 PM
It wasn't me. I don't use VV at all. I'm waiting for VA 3.0.
billybk wrote on 1/27/2002, 8:07 AM
I have been using my Plextor 8220 SCSI CDRW without any problems with VV3 and WinXP. Maybe it is a speed issue. Try burning at 8X or below. It may take a little longer, but at least you will be able to burn your CD.

Billy Buck
tunafish wrote on 1/27/2002, 10:44 PM
The Plextor 16/10/40A will not burn at 8X with VV3. The Plextor 8220 SCSI works because it is supported by CDA, which means that VV3 will support it. The Plextor 16/10/40A is not fully supported by VV3, and that's a quote from Plextor tech support.
PumiceT wrote on 1/30/2002, 11:18 AM
kryten - Don't wait for VA3 - it won't exist. Search the forum, you'll see that SF is switching back to one Vegas product (VV3 - to be possibly renamed simply "Vegas").


P.S. - Just upgraded to VV3, for what?? My Plextor 241040IDE won't work!! :( I guess I'll have to start working on video projects to justify the added video features.
kryten wrote on 1/30/2002, 11:37 PM
Don't you just love speculation?!? It's kinda fun...try this link:

Your note makes sense, though. The VA and VV products seem to have less than 2k file size difference between them. I've noticed this for some time now...