Plextor weirdness

Geoff_Wood wrote on 6/21/2005, 1:53 PM
Just developed this problem with CDA5.2 when accessing my Plextor Premium drive. The computer goes completely ape - no BSOD, but stops responding and various lights come on randomly (SCSI drive lights, Jaz, Zip, etc) and drives get trashed and others drop from UDMA5 to PIO mode.

Like the CPU has gone totally random. Only happens with CDA accessing Plextor Premium. CDA fine with other SCSI and IDE (CD-RW) drives. Other apps all fine with the Plextor Premium.

Is this weird or what ? Should it be possible that an instruction sent from CDA could send the whole PC off into never-land ?

Only change made to system since last regularly OK is a second 512MB DDR-RAM stick (same brand/size/model) added. Does same thing with that RAM stick removed.



Weka wrote on 6/21/2005, 10:23 PM
Before you join Peter Pan, call ne at UCA 2377451 and we could test it on my CDA 5.2.
Could it be dropped firmware?
Jace wrote on 9/5/2005, 6:12 PM
Same problem here... Plextor PlexWriter 12/10/32S and PX-716-UF
Geoff_Wood wrote on 9/6/2005, 8:58 PM
Glad it wasn't my imagination, or my stuffed up machine !

I can avoid the the problem by ensuring no media in drive when going to the Burn dialogue.

Maybe we can both detail our mobo / IDE chipset / OS .

JJKizak wrote on 9/15/2005, 4:37 PM
There is some kind of issue going when SCSI drives are on the system as in mine which CDA does not recognize the Pioneer 109. It goes bananas and hangs the computer. CDA also does not recognize the Plextor 716a in my other machine but everything else does. The Plextor and Pioneer are in the master secondary positions.

JJKizak wrote on 12/2/2005, 7:26 AM
Update 5.2A has corrected recognizing Plextor 716A and Pioneer 109.