Plug-in delay compensation in Vegas?

KjipRecords wrote on 8/30/2002, 3:14 AM
From what I've read on this forum, there is no delay compensation in Vegas, but are there workarounds?

I'm considering the Sonitus:fx package from ultrafunk, and also the VST-DX Adapter from fxpansion, so I can have DX automation in Vegas 4... hopefully.

Anyway, I see that this package offers delay compensation, and I wonder if that will work in Vegas if I use the VST-DX Adapter?

From "VST plug-in delay compensation for the fx:compressor, fx:gate and fx:multiband plug-ins.
To be able to change the plug-ins delay compensation while the plug-in is running, you have to set the limiter on/off or the lookahead in the gate to the desired value, then turn the plug-in off and then on again to get the correct compensation. "




RikTheRik wrote on 8/30/2002, 3:44 AM
If Vegas doesn't handle plug-in delay compensation, you will not be able to have it neither with the VST/DX adapter as the adapter will require plug-in delay compensation from the DirectX side !!
And by the way the Ultrafunk FX are doing plug-in delay compensation in directX mode too, so there is basically no need for using them through a VST wrapper !!

KjipRecords wrote on 8/30/2002, 5:03 AM
OK, thanks.

I will need the VST-DX Adapter if I want DX automation though (when Vegas supports it).