Ben  wrote on 2/20/2007, 5:29 PM
A better poll, sadly, would be: how many people use Vegas purely for audio?


drew_ wrote on 2/20/2007, 6:12 PM
I must say it's a long time since I've been in here - but what a fascinating thread title!

Unfortunately it seems rather quiet in here these days.
Sad really, considering how many Vegas audio users used to contribute.
Eventually I think most just got frustrated with the direction - it was bound to happen.

Re your poll - it's funny - I remember when Vegas WAS purely for audio!
Even once it got the video Sony still added audio functionality for a while.
ACID6 was then announced as the DAW we had all wished Vegas would become.
Perhaps if Sony had added all of Vegas's audio feature-set it could have been great.
Even version 6.0d is lacking (and buggy) - so instead I gave up waiting.
Right now I'm using a great DAW which has new audio features added all the time.

It had to happen - the love affair with Vegas (fantastic though it has been) has ended.
Not just for me by the looks of it!
Sony are hopefully at least happy with their video producer user base.
There's no doubt it is a great video app, but I'm an audio producer and so it's silly.
Eventually there may be a version of ACID which is "Vegas with MIDI".
Actually though I think most of those who were waiting have now moved away too.
Dare I say what I'm using? Maybe not.. but i may have given a clue down the line.
Ben  wrote on 2/20/2007, 7:32 PM
Are you following me around drew? Same drew from the 'other' place? :)
Ben  wrote on 2/20/2007, 7:38 PM
Yep, and Vegas *was* great for audio. Set a bunch of standards, which many people using other DAWs I think don't recognise. The GUI was, and still is, ground-breaking and I feel truly sorry for the audio coders at SMS. The guys deciding the direction of Vegas, unfortunately long ago, missed a great opportunity. It really has been sad to see this app fall by the wayside and under achieve, so to speak.

But, for good or bad, others benefit from the innovations Vegas made back in the late 90s, and so we all move on...

Vegas - The Big Gamble wrote on 2/21/2007, 3:41 AM
Ha! I just read down the first letters on each line of your post and it all became clear!

Good advice
newhope wrote on 2/21/2007, 6:48 PM
I use an MCU which has HUI support BUT also has the more useful Mackie Control software which Vegas does support.

I believe there was a post much earlier which went into the development of HUI and other protocols ... or am I confusing this with the DUC conference on Digidesign?

What was evident is that the Mackie Protocol offered more parameters than the HUI which was developed for ProTools..... actually I think that the post I am referring to was on DUC on Digidesign.

What it basically went on to say is that ProTools (sic Digidesign/AVID) stopped development of the HUI protocol when they designed their own mixing surfaces. They didn't take on the more useful Mackie protocol because it was basically competing with there own hardware products.

So the question is, does the work surface you want to use with Vegas support the Mackie protocol? If not why not? What chance is there of getting the manufacturer to update their firmware to support Mackie Control? What brand/model is it?

Did you know you can actaully control video parameters of Vegas from the Mackie MCU?

Guess I'm not out there jumping up and down for HUI support because the MCU does both and works with Vegas, ProTools and Final Cut Studio .... my applications of choice.

New Hope Media
newhope wrote on 2/21/2007, 6:56 PM

A really intelligent and funny post... my god you are either really quick with your wit or have a heap of time on your hands.... either way I appreciate the post....but there's no need to be so grim about the audio future of Vegas as I'm sure we'll be harvesting the benefits as they grow.

New Hope Media

cchoy wrote on 2/22/2007, 9:21 AM
I've talked extensively with yamaha tech support about my DM2000-- and they're not going to upgrade the firmware for MCU any time soon...
cchoy wrote on 2/22/2007, 9:40 AM
btw i'm audio for film...
pwppch wrote on 2/22/2007, 11:05 AM
>>What was evident is that the Mackie Protocol offered more parameters than the HUI which was developed for ProTools

This is not the case. The HUI is more than capable and in many ways more powerful as the HUI surface is more feature rich than the MCU. It was designed to be a bit less generic, but the capabilities are extreme.

Why didn't we release with HUI support?

At the time we introduced External Control, the HUI was no longer manufactured by Mackie. It made more sense to support the larger potential user base of the Mackie Control.

That said, there are many devices that only support the HUI protocol. (Many do this because of the overall capabilities of the HUI vs the MCU as well as being compatible with PTools.) We are looking at the feasability of adding HUI support for a future version.

newhope wrote on 2/22/2007, 1:22 PM
"btw i'm audio for film... "
I use Vegas for both stand alone audio, which is my professional background, like the 30 minute short feature I have just completed in 5.1 using Vegas, and Video as I also produce corporate videos, the wedding was my son's so not part of the business portfolio.

Obviously the post on the DUC and the HUI protocol wasn't correct and I was preserving the myth. I'd be interested to see the difference if HUI is integrated into future Vegas releases.

I'd be more interested in real OMF import and export and full BWF export plus a sync to embedded timecode/metadata function for audio and/or video after it is imported rather than just at the import process.

pwppch wrote on 2/22/2007, 5:14 PM
Do you have a HUI or compatible device?

>>a sync to embedded timecode/metadata function for audio and/or video after it is imported rather than just at the import process.

I am assuming you mean "snap, align existing audio to the time line if properly timestamped BWF.

Define "proper" OMF import and export. Be very specific as to what we are doing wrong (or what you believe the others are doing right.)


newhope wrote on 2/23/2007, 4:00 PM
I have a Mackie MCU which can do either Mackie Control or HUI.

Yep 'Snap align existing audio to timeline if properly stamped BWF OR AVI' is what I'm referring to with info on the embedded timecode/metadata e.g. start time, duration etc.

OMF... what are you doing wrong?... nothing Vegas doesn't support OMF import or export at all. It does do AAF but not OMF and most people are still using OMF to export and import between different systems.

One fault I discovered using AAF recently was, when I tried importing an AAF created in a stereo ProTools session into a 5.1 Vegas session, that it completely changed my Vegas session properties back to stereo and I had to 'undo' back to prior to the 'Import AAF' to restore my mix.

There is no way that that should be happening. All I wanted to do was import some ADR recorded on a ProTools session after the 5.1 mix in Vegas had begun. In the end I bounced the audio in ProTools down to disk as BWF (WAV) and imported as BWF to get timeline positioning.
I'd rather just drag them onto a track and right click to a (currently non existant ) command to snap to embedded timecode.

Of course I'd also like to be able to import AAF (and/or OMF) without having it reset the Vegas session Properties.

The abilitiy to choose to copy or consolidate on import of AAF or OMF, reset the OMF/AAF start time to offset the project, selective import of specific tracks from an OMF/AAF, Merge dual mono to stereo a la .l nd .r tracks created in AVID or ProTools and persisted in OMF (this may have to be an after import function) are all items on my hit list for what Vegas should be able to do for audio end users, wouldn't hurt the video users either.

New Hope Media
pwppch wrote on 2/24/2007, 8:55 AM
OMF. Sorry. I just think AAF.

I will make sure the AAF guys here look at your issues.

cchoy wrote on 3/7/2007, 12:10 PM
Anyone know of any MCMU converters that might work? (wisemix didn't quite pan out)