pops and crackles

ddyfad wrote on 12/9/2003, 11:33 AM

i just bought CD A 5 which works nicely till i try and burn a cdr.
the resultant disc is unlsitenable with pops etc. i tried the same burn with nero and there are pops etc. so i am assuming that the cd writer is at fault [it's one that came with the pc: Artec WRR 4048]....previoulsy i have not had the need to burn cds...it reads files fine.

prior to reading this forum i had believed there could be no problems with compatibility of the software and drives. but now it seesm that there are plenty of people with compatibility issues...so, please help!

if it's the case that my cd writer is not working properly, what kind of cd writer [internal on a pc running xp] would be compatible? would a new product from lLextor 'work'...i feel very much in the dark and just need some guidance about something i had assumed would not be a problem.




ampstudio wrote on 12/12/2003, 7:51 AM
If you can, try installing a different burner and test with the same audio program you tried before. Use the same CDR media as well, if possible.
Then see if you still have problems.

It could be a buffer problem on the CD burner. Or even a dirty lens.
Maybe simple, but the only way to be sure, and since you had the same result with two different burning software programs, it indicates, almost certainly, a burner problem.
Also, try reinstalling the drivers for your CD burner, or check for updates.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/12/2003, 2:12 PM
Most people like to blame the application first, but any drive that is MMC-compatible is treated equally by CDA. Compatibility problems are more likely to be drive and media, not CDA and drive. Or the drive is lacking in it's MMC implementation. Or your Windows could be broken.

I've never heard of an Artec drive, which sounds like a generic OEM-branded drive, which tend to be the cheapest-and-nastiest.

Also, one thing at a time, try burning at 12x or less (I find 8x most reliable), pre-rendring, and BurnProof turned off.

If you are serious enough about CD authoring, you cannot go past the PlexWriter Premium. Costs a little more, but it can do error rate reporting to a unique level, and is solidly supported with firmware and utility software updates, and is from the 'market leader'.

ddyfad wrote on 12/14/2003, 9:13 AM
thanks guys!
i've just installed a new cd burner [plex writer 53/24/52a] and was able to successfully burn my masterpiece [at x2 speed]...and it sounded brilliant [minus pops and crackles],