pwppch wrote on 12/2/2008, 9:58 AM
We do not support the Fader Port natively. Some have been able to use the Generic control driver, but you will not get complete use out of the Fader Port.

The last time I looked at the Fader Port it does not support a Mackie Control emulation mode. If it did, you might be able to map it using this mode.

Peter Vred wrote on 12/2/2008, 1:48 PM
Thanks for the quick reply Peter.
PeterVred wrote on 12/3/2008, 4:10 AM
Peter, You say I wouldn't get FULL functionality, but do you know if it could be used as a simple desktop volume control?

That is really all I need it for, and it's a freebe.
pwppch wrote on 12/3/2008, 10:20 AM
Simple desk top volume control?

Do you mean controlling Windows volume?

I doubt it.

drbam wrote on 12/3/2008, 11:03 AM
If its a freebie, why not sell it and get something that does work. If you simply need a passive volume control for your monitoring system, you might check out these units or something similar:
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/3/2008, 5:40 PM

Freebie-Faderport or not, I have great piece of mind with a simple hardware volume control - a 100mm 10K stereo slider in a diecast box, painted a nice Hammercoat silver, on the input to my power amp.

No matter how ape-shit my computer or interface goes, I know I can kill the sound with a simple flick ;-) Might get around to Mute and Dim buttons on it someday, but don't want it getign cluttered !

Peter Vred wrote on 12/8/2008, 1:50 PM
"Do you mean controlling Windows volume?"

Yes, Peter, that was what I meant, or at the least, as a *Vegas* master volume control. If it could do at least that, it would be something.

Right now I only have the master volume knob on the Presonus unit as my master volume. Something a little quicker to grab would be's behind my monitor.

drbam, yes, I agree, if it doesn't work for me, I will for sure eBay it.

Geoff, I don't have an amp before my speakers...powered Mackies.

Thanks for the help guys, I'll look into those links.

jbolley wrote on 12/9/2008, 12:51 PM
I use the NHT PVC pro between my hardware and powered speakers. At less than $100 its worth it!!