Preview Docked, No Control?

Grazie wrote on 8/24/2004, 1:26 AM
reality check here.

Am I correct in saying that if I've got the Preview in its own "Vegas Dock" I can no longer expect to click on the same Preview Window and get Play Controls? Presently, I need to click the T/L or the blue bar above the T/L - then I can get back my Play controls. Ditto for my Contour Shuttle Pro as well as the keyboard. If true it is a pity. I liked to be able to - no matter where I was - to be able to "click" on the Preview window and "reagain" play controls. It would appear that the Preview HAS to be within the T/L docked option for me top be able to click a Preview and get play again.




AlexB wrote on 8/25/2004, 3:50 AM
IMO not true. How did you lose it? I've fiddled with Internal Presets to try the docking area on top layout, even there it's click on preview for the controls to work. It's just when you use the trimmer or the explorer to preview clips that you lose the command of timeline play temporarily.
Do you mean you can't start playback with the Shuttle or Keyboard?

=) A.

Grazie wrote on 8/25/2004, 4:48 AM
Hello Alex - I've got 2 17" TFTs - Left and Right

1/- I've set 5 of the "Alt+D" workspace settings

2/- Alt+D+1 is where I've got

Left Screen:-

* Edit Detail view above the T/L [ this I did thru Int Prefs ]

* Trimmer in its own window called "Trimmer"

Right Screen [ basically 2 x Vegas docks ]

* Top Vegas Dock : Mixer; PREVIEW; Scopes

* Lower Vegas Dock : Explorer & Media Pool together; Plug-In Manager; Transistions; Media Gen. ; Video Fx

. . got it? ..

Ok, I used to be able to - and still can in other layouts - click on the Preview Window and my K/B and CSP could be activated and make the cursor work in the T/L - But not at present, not with this No.1 setup, with Preview in the RIght hand window AND docked in its own Vegas Dock.

Alex, yer wanna a PNG I've ust done of the layout in question?


AlexB wrote on 8/25/2004, 1:32 PM
What's the graphics card behind this setup? Could well be that the setup of the two monitors is the source of your problem. I just threw out two graphics cards and added a Matrox P750 to my system, second TFT waiting that I find some room on my desk for it.
Your layout looks pretty much like my own Alt-D-4 , which you can find at a little bit down the page. No problems with that layout for me. If you want to send me your layout, you can do so at

Edit: I tried your layout with the trimmer up there, leaving the Preview window next to it - Bingo! same behavior that you posted, no control over Preview click. That Trimmer Window up there has to go! However, as soon as I move the Preview to the second screen, all is well again.
Tragic but true.
=) A.
Grazie wrote on 8/25/2004, 2:08 PM
So, Alex, you are getting the same "issue"? Now UN-dock the Preview and let it "float" on the right-hand monitor - guess what? I can then make the Preview make the t/l operate!

Go figure? - Shall I still send you my layout?

AlexB wrote on 8/25/2004, 2:57 PM
Well I guess I found out what it must look like, since I got the same "un"functionality. Nevertheless, do send it.
Just tried Vegas on three Monitors at a time, desktop resolution for Windows is 3840x1024 stretching across all three screens, Vegas Window from left to right, Timeline over all three Windows. Nevertheless, with this same layout, as soon as the Preview Window is up there in the docking area with the Trimmer, you can't activate the timeline controls by clicking on the preview Window. Ouch, and now I have to alter that setup back to something less hard on the eyes.

So goodnight from Vienna