Print Server Setup with N5200

wafalcon wrote on 12/17/2007, 4:43 PM

From previous forum entries, I see that some of the members here have Thecus N5200.

I have been trying to connect my printer to it but have not succeeded. Can someone please tell me how to setup a print server with this unit?

I need like step by step instructions since I have never setup print server before.

I will appreciate any help.


Xander wrote on 12/17/2007, 7:52 PM
I did this a day and a half ago so here goes.

Are your printer drivers already installed or not? If not, install them first. Once installed, plug the printer into the USB port on the N5200. On my HP, the printer had to be connected to the computer directly by USB before it would install the drivers.

Login into the N5200 using the web interface. Go to Status/Printer using the menu. Make sure it sees your printer. Also, go to Network/Services and make sure SMB/CIFS is enabled before continuing.

Assuming Windows XP, Goto Start / Printers and Faxes (go through the control panel if you don't see that option).

Right Click and say add printer. Go next and select "A Network Printer...".

Select "Connect to a printer on the Internet or on...". Enter in http://IP address of N5200:631/printers/usb-printer

It will then ask you for what printer you have. Select it manually, hence, why I say install the drivers for the printer first.

On Vista, it is slightly different. When it starts searching for a printer on the network, click on the bottom option.

Don't forget, the above info from "Assuming" is described in the manual.