Print to Tape but don't print to tape?

Paul_Holmes wrote on 1/6/2003, 3:21 PM
One of the things I use print to tape for is to view the final render without any jitters on the screen, but of course I have to have a tape in the camera and it has to record. Even if I'm previewing a completely rendered avi to my TV, there are still occasional slight jerks and sputters that interrupt the viewing experience. This does not happen in print to tape.

My question is, is there a way to "Print to tape" but "Not" print to tape. (In other words it would produce the W64 files or whatever, and prioritize resources like it does in an actual print to tape). This would be a nice feature, a way of giving a pristine preview, without wasting tape first.

P.S, I have an Athlon 1800 512K SDRam, 7200rpm drives, so hopefully it's not my system that prevents perfect previewing.


Chienworks wrote on 1/6/2003, 3:48 PM
1) Render your project to a DV .avi file on the hard drive. This will take about 225MB/minute.

- or -

2) Use manual device control, send the analog outputs from your camcorder to a TV and print to tape without pressing record on the camcorder.
Paul_Holmes wrote on 1/6/2003, 5:22 PM
Thanks, Kelly. I will try the manual device control. I've tried rendering the full file as NTSC-DV and then previewing it, but I still get the jerks and stutters (minor, but irritating). I will try manual and see if that works.