Print to Tape on Win2K

johnmartin wrote on 2/14/2001, 2:48 PM
Unable to Print to Tape. Whenever I try to print to tape I
get the message:

"An error occurred while printing a file to the device"
"An invalid device was specified"

I have read all the issues reported here and tried all the
suggested fixex but without success. I have read the
related parts of the Users manual that apply and did
everything they suggest but no success. I also tried Win98
and still have the same problem with the same error

I am using a Dell Dimension 1 Gig with 40 Gig. The
Camcorder is a Sony TRV8. I am using a TI 1394 card. I
also tried a SIIG 1394 card and get the same error message.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!



SonyEPM wrote on 2/14/2001, 3:10 PM
Please make sure that you render your project using
the "NTSC DV" template.
johnmartin wrote on 2/14/2001, 3:34 PM
Thanks but I have tried that numerous times without success.

johnmartin wrote on 2/14/2001, 3:58 PM
When I use the NTSC template I get the following message
when I try to print to tape:

"Error 0x80040241 (message missing)"

Any ideas?