dsanders wrote on 11/21/2001, 6:05 PM
If the only doc set we get is a .pdf file that we have to print out, why can't you guys at least format the pages of the document so that they are 8.5 x 11? It would cut down on the number of pages we need to print!
jmpatrick wrote on 11/21/2001, 6:18 PM
Using Acrobat Reader 4.0:

File >> Print >> fit to page

That will fill an 8.5x11 sheet.

While you're at it:

File >> Print >> odd pages only

Flip them over and select: even pages only.

That saves some paper.
dsanders wrote on 11/24/2001, 10:05 PM
Da... Just kidding. I've done that but it just takes each page and blows it up to fit. If Sonic designed the document to be 8.5 x 11 in the first place it would print on 30% (???) less pages.
FrankM wrote on 11/27/2001, 8:58 AM
Although no poster said so explicity, I gather that we do NOT get a printed manual with the boxed set. Right?
SonicStephanie wrote on 11/27/2001, 10:57 AM

There is a printed Quick Start Guide that you will receive if you purchase the boxed version. It is approximately 92 pages, and should help to get you started. For more in-depth assistance, you can refer to the online Help or the full version of the User Manual on the CD in PDF form.