Printing Track List Problems

Daniel Peterson wrote on 3/27/2006, 7:32 PM
I would like to have a more simple way to print up the track lists CDs than what I currently have to do.

I know have to hit the track list tab, go to copy to clipboard, then paste it in word, then print. I actually have no problem with all this.

The problems I have are the following:

1) When I paste the track list to word, it gives me all the numbers of start times and lengths. I have to delete all this because I simply want the names of the tracks.

2) When printing MP3s, I only get the names of the songs from the tags of the MP3s. So I have to type in the artist. Why cant I have both artist and song? This has led me to delete all the tag info of mp3s just so I can avoid having to do all this typing everytime I make a track list.

I am a DJ, so I print up CDs for playing parties all the time. I really would like an answer to this... Or at least see in a later edition a new option of being able to do this.