UlfLaursen wrote on 10/19/2007, 9:32 PM
Sounds strange...

You mean you can capture in MS moviemaker but not Vegas or scenalyzer?

Normaly scenalyzer is the the way to go on DV if everything else fails. Have you checked cable, and maybe tried another port on the card - I assume you have 2 or 3 ports on the Canopus card.

Yarin VooDoo wrote on 10/20/2007, 2:11 AM

Are you capturing from a DV Tape with your camera? Or an anolog signal through A/D conversion?

If the second, you have to disable camera controls (Enable DV Device Control) from Options->Preferences Menu!

Mark S wrote on 10/21/2007, 1:03 PM
I have the same type of problem.

I have 2 video cameras. One is a new Sony DV 8 camera and I use the Small DV cable from the camera to the DV plug on my laptop. I have no problems capturing in Pro8 with this.

I have an older Sony camera (analog) that only has video & Audio cables out. So I have it come in through my USB WinTV-HVR 950. Windoes Vist Media center works fine with the card, I can record and watch TV etc. But, Pro8 sees the WinTV card is there but when it tries to capture it thinks the card is in use by another program. (Probably Media Center) But if I open Windows Movie maker the capture works just fine with the WinTV card..

I only use the old camera to get some of my old videos off of tape and onto DVD's.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

rs170a wrote on 10/21/2007, 3:44 PM
Mark, if your D8 camcorder has the pass-through feature on it, that's the route I'd try.
Odds are that Vegas won't see your USB card simply because it's a USB card and not firewire.

donp wrote on 10/22/2007, 6:55 AM
Does Scenalyser see the "Microsoft DV Camera etc"? I have the Canopus (GrassValley) 1394 card too and have no problems capturing. Does the little camera icon appear in you tool bar when you plug in the fire wire cable to your camera?
Opampman wrote on 10/22/2007, 3:41 PM
Both the Vegas Vid Cap and Scenalyser see the Canopus card as the Microsoft DV camera etc. but to get Scenalyser to capture, I have to go to Movie Maker and capture a few seconds of footage, either analog or DV. Then I switch to Scenalyser and it works fine. Same with vid cap in Vegas. But neither will work until I open Movie Maker and start a capture. This all happened after installing VPro8a.
donp wrote on 10/23/2007, 7:01 AM
Opampman I just upgraded to 8a myself and Sceneaylser still works from the getgo for me. I am running on XP Pro and my Canopus 1394 card has the front panel option. Your operating system see's the camera but the Vegas capture etc software does not. HMMMM Sorry I'm lost on this one.