PRO SALES = South Africa

Rory Cooper wrote on 11/11/2015, 3:30 AM
if you are in SA heads up

pro sales are selling some equipment check them out

same examples

4 or 8x SONY D50 Triax Cameras
4 or 8x SONY CCU D50
4 or 8x SONY RCP D50
4 or 8x SONY 100m Triax Cable
4 or 8x SONY 5" Studio Viewfinders
4 or 8x Sets Zoom and Focus Controls
4x Cartoni Tripods equivalent to Video 18
SONY DFS800 Digital Vision Mixer with 12x SDI Inputs.
10x Datavideo 5" Colour monitors (2 per rack unit).
4x SONY DSR45 DVCam Recorder Coms system for all cameras.
2x Belt Packs for floor manager.
1x 8way switcher for Vision Controller.
14" Ruige monitor for vision Controller
1x Tektronix Waveform/ Vector
2x 14" SONY LCD Monitor
PVW & PGM Soundcraft LS16 "16 Audio Desk
4x AKG Radio Lapel mics
2x Near5 "5 Audio Monitor

Also nice to have for this kit:
2x SONY D50 Camera with DSR1 DVCam record backs.
4x SONY DSR500 DVcam Camcorders

tones other stuff ..really good prices


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