Pro16 Storyboard/Subclips Workflow Fail For Me...

i am erikd wrote on 1/6/2019, 1:47 AM

I have a long on camera narration on my timeline. I highlight portions and create subclips with names that are helpful.

I create my a new storyboard bin and put those subclips with helpful names.

I can rearrange those subclips with helpful names and everything is going great.

Now it is time for me to use Vegasaur to "replace media" of my .mp4 proxies with the mxf 4k files.

Vegasaur doesn't understand anymore how to replace the subclips with the new names.

Has anyone figured out a way to create subclips and then do a replace media for fell resolution in Vegas Pro?





i am erikd wrote on 1/6/2019, 2:45 AM

Update here. I may have found a solution for those who are interested. It appears if I add the subclips as a "take" onto the timeline for the exact same portion of the original clip that I can do both. I can toggle to the original clips when it is time for the uprez to 4k and I can work with the subclips in the storyboard for playing with the content.