Problem inserting new media into a menu

Nicholas-Meyer wrote on 9/19/2019, 11:55 AM

I've been using/learning DVD architect for about a week now. The reason I'm using it is basically just to condense my family's collection of home movie DVDs into a smaller amount of Blu-Ray discs (from 16 to 3). Along with that, I also wanted to make menus to select different tapes easily. I tried/looked at a few other programs before DVDA but they didn't really do it for me.

I've made the first two discs of my three disc collection so far, but I may have to redo the first one as i rendered all the footage in 24fps when I probably should've done 30. Anyways, so far I haven't really had a problem making any of those discs or burning them, except for my poor knowledge of matching up the formats in the beginning. But now I've come across something that's making me pretty frustrated.

The third disc is a bit different from the other two; The last five movies in the collection are the ones that I've put on the last disc, and they're all each less than an hour. So after putting them all in, only about 20% of the disc was used. So I decided to put in a sub menu, with extra videos scavenged from other stray DVDs, or phone footage from other family members. I put about 3 different videos to start, and they worked fine. Then when I tried to insert a fourth one into the menu, the program froze and wouldn't respond. I figured it was probably just a one time thing, so i restarted DVDA and tried to insert the video again. Same thing happened. I opened up a fresh .dar file and tried to insert that video and it worked fine. It's only freezing in the file for my third disc in my home video collection.

The entire program freezes any time I try to do anything with that file to try and insert it; anytime i right-click highlight it in the explorer, crash. If i try to type it in through the pop-up file explorer and add it in that way, also crash. Same thing when trying to drag it in.

I've discovered that this doesn't just happen with the one file however. Any other new video that wasn't already on the disc in the main menu will freeze the program, so I'm not sure if I've just overloaded the program with too many different videos/menus or something or what, But I'd really just like to finish this project. If anybody could help clear this up for me that would be great.


Some pictures of the menus to understand a bit better:


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