Problem with FX change levels

Weldon wrote on 5/19/2012, 7:55 AM
I am having an intermittent issue with VP11 not allowing me to input numerical values into my effects manually. Here is an example...I may apply Levels and Brightness and Contrast to an event. I can manually input 0.100 for Contrast and continue with my edit. If I go back to Brightness and Contrast sometimes it will not allow me to make a change to the input. I can change Contrast to 0.200 but as soon as I hit enter, it goes back to 0.100 or whatever the previous number was. It does not always do this, though it does it enough to irritate me. I have tried to identify any particular series of events though I can’t pinpoint one. I almost always apply Levels and Contrast though when it starts doing this it will effect any FX change I try to make. If I close the program ( and suffer through the inevitable failure to close properly popup) and re open the program, it will work fine.

Has anyone else noticed this? I am using build 683 and my system info should be accurate.


paul_w wrote on 5/19/2012, 9:03 AM
Just did a quick test here, but not seeing any issue with Brightness or Contrast settings. Entering manually .1 or .2 seems fine so far.

Secondary thought: could this be keyframe related, ie, your settings are being changed by a previous keyframe?

Weldon wrote on 5/19/2012, 10:03 AM
No it is not a keyframe issue, though I have one of those as well, as I very rarely keyframe Contrast. If I open a project and apply any FX it works fine. I really see it if I add a FX and then remove it after having made settings.

I have not had the keyframe issue, until today. I have a simple text event, original text editor, with keyframing. If I adjust the length of the event by using my mouse and the event edit, the keyframe just go away. If I use the redo button and the event goes back to the original lenght, the keyframes are there...WTF is that?
WillemT wrote on 5/19/2012, 12:55 PM
As for the entering of numbers have a look at this thread. Sounds similar.

jimsch wrote on 5/19/2012, 2:15 PM
I am seeing the same problem with 11/683 in Vista64.