Problem with USB interface

RumpL4skn wrote on 5/6/2002, 4:21 PM
I recently got an Edirol UA-5 USB interface, as my old Gina card wouldn't support the 24bit format I'm now forced to work in. Everything worked fine with the UA-5 until I had an IDE glitch with the system. Since fixing the glitch, Vegas will now play through the UA-5 for about 10 seconds, then I get "Edirol is being used by another app", even though nothing else is running. I uninstalled the Edirol, all USB stuff and Vegas, cleaned them completely out of the registry and re-installed, no change. The same annoying error. Anybody have any ideas what to try next, aside from an fdisk, re-format and clean Windows install (which I'm trying to avoid)?


davidmaui wrote on 8/12/2002, 6:50 AM
Did you ever find a solution? I'm considering the UA-5 USB after giving up on my Motu 828.
davidmaui wrote on 8/12/2002, 6:54 AM
RumpL4skn are you happy with the quality and the proformance of your edirol UA-5 USB I'm thinking of purchasing on. I have had nothing but trouble with my Motu 828.
pettinati wrote on 8/12/2002, 5:11 PM
i have the ua-3, and it doesnt allow me to record and play at the same time. I track my beats using it, and it's fine for that, but to record vocals, I end up using my soundblaster card.

If I could do it all over, I wouldn't have bought the ua-3.