Problem with Vegas rendered video

JakeHannam wrote on 2/3/2007, 12:45 PM
I recently had to reinstall most of my programs due to a Windows crash. I also installed the latest version of Vegas (7d).

My problem:

An AVI originaly rendered in Vegas plays fine in Windows Media Player. However, when I load it into Vegas and put it on the timeline, the playback window flashes and flickers and seems to play bits of video from further back on the timeline. I tried resettig Vegas settings at startup but that did not resolve the problem.

Any suggestions on a setting that I need to change? I have all the latest patches for Windows XP SP2 and Vegas is the latest version (7d). Thanks!


mikkie wrote on 2/3/2007, 1:16 PM
From the sounds of it you've got a codec problem. In general...

Codecs are installed and registered in Windows -- they tell windows what kind of files they can play, and when you open a video in Wmplayer, Windows goes down the list trying to find the combination of files needed to decode your video. Why doesn't it work now when it did pre-crash? Either a different codec is being used, OR, that codec is set improperly for Vegas.

To find out what codec's being used, with the file open in Wmplayer check properties under the file menu. Then try setting that codec to use RGB. If you can't, or that doesn't work, then probably have to install another codec -- preferably the one that you used to encode the video with originally. GSpot can help.
JakeHannam wrote on 2/3/2007, 7:53 PM
Thanks for the answer. However, the problem is not with Media Player (the AVI plays perfectly in it). The problem I am having is that the file, originally encoded in Vegas, will not play back properly from the timeline in Vegas itself.

I am assuming that the codecs used by Vegas 7.0c (the one I encoded the AVI in before I had to reinstall) are the same as the ones in Vegas 7.0d (a newer version!). Is that an incorrect assumption?
mikkie wrote on 2/4/2007, 5:03 PM
"Is that an incorrect assumption?"

Neither copy or version of Vegas includes every codec -- what you need is probably not installed, or being over-ridden by a more recent codec install.

Windows, and many vid programs running in Windows, use the default decoder, which amounts to the 1st one WIndows finds that works, or says it works anyway. From the sounds of it the codec used, installed in Windows, is not compatible *as-is* with Vegas. It might be that the codec needs setting up (many allow various settings - look for something about RGB or YUV etc.).

Or it might be that Windows was using another codec for that type of video previously. As Windows looks for the 1st codec it can find, the needed codec might even be installed, but not 1st in Windows.

If you can determine which codec wmplayer uses, you can try to set it for Vegas -- if you can't, then I think you might need to find out what kind of encoding is used on the video, and install or reinstall another codec that is compatible both with Vegas and your video - the re-install would be to put that codec as the 1st one Windows checks. GSpot is a program for telling you about your video, what codecs play it, what codecs are installed, what the default is.
JakeHannam wrote on 2/5/2007, 7:47 AM
Thanks, Mikkie. I will try Gspot and see if I can figure it out.