Problems Burning A Mix CD

criticalbill wrote on 4/9/2004, 7:56 AM
I have been trying unsuccessfully to burn a mix CD for several weeks now. The mix consists of 40 wav files and uses both audio layers, the second one mainly for jingles. What typically happens is that the CD starts to burn but reaches either 9% or 18% and then continues to burn but the time left for burning just goes up and up. The CD is also burning at the unusually slow 1.6% and so the time starts at about 40mins and then just goes up and up. Normally CD Architect then just stops responding and the drive continues to whirl round even after I have force-quid Architect until I restart my computer.

I was having a virtual memory problem when I first started to try and burn this but I have cleared that up and I managed to burn a CD of this mix after that. Believing it solved I stuck the finished master in my player and listened to it all the way through until the fourth track when it went quiet and played the remaining 36 tracks silently. Since then I have never managed to get a finished master out of my computer.

I have XP and have burnt many projects with no problems in the past. Any ideas would be very greatly appreciated


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